ArmorPoxy II is our most popular and cost effective coating. Installed  extensively by the U.S. Coast Guard in many of their hangars.  Used for warehouses, factories, car dealers, restaurants/kitchens, hospitals & health care facilities, kennels, packaging plants and more.  USDA approved and non-conductive. Armorpoxy II is a super-heavy-duty high performance 2-part epoxy floor coating for demanding applications requiring faster dry times and superior chemical and abrasion resistance. Armorpoxy II is a  superior floor coating that is highly resistant to most common chemicals, auto fluids, oils, grease and salt. Normally used with our ArmorUltra topcoat floor coating  with maximum stain and chemical resistance use.  For slip and maximum wear resistance add our ULTRAWEAR High Wear non skid additive, or one of our other skid-reducing products.

Armorpoxy II is 4 times thicker than standard floor paint, and at least 8-10 times more durable.  Armorpoxy II is self-priming, and can be applied to virtually any surface including wood, concrete, metal, etc. Super long life, and very easy to apply, it just rolls on like standard paint. Scientifically formulated  for maximum protection at a very competitive price.

Armorpoxy is the only company that sells  truly industrial/military grade coatings to industry and end users.

See actual photos of the Seal Cove Auto Museum which was self-installed by their volunteers in Spring, 2010:

You can purchase the Armorpoxy II System as a COMPLETE INSTALLATION PACKAGE that contains everything you need, our Job On A Pallet Program includes prep/etching solution concentrate, Armorpoxy II, ArmorUltra Topcoat, UltraWear high wear non skid additive, industrial rollers and roller frames, spike shoes for walking on wet epoxy, power mixers. Our super-discounted shpping rates keep shipping costs to a  minimum.   When it shows up, there is literally nothing else you need to buy! (Please call or email our office for shipping estimates.) Armorpoxy II can also be made into a ‘decorative fleck’ floor (terrazzo look) by adding inexpensive decorative flecks.
Available in these standard colors plus bright red, bright white, safety yellow, and many other OSHA approved colors. Custom colors are available on special order (minimums apply, contact us for details)