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Archive / April, 2024

How to Apply Armor Trak

Armor Trak is a unique self-curing military-grade coating system. It is not only super high in resistance to all solvents and chemicals, but easy to apply as well. The below guide is a summary of how to apply Armor Trak to the floor in easy steps. This application is suitable for all military-grade flooring. Whether […]

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How to Apply Armor Ultra 3-Layer System

Armor Ultra 3-Layer system is the ultimate industrial epoxy floor coating. It is not only cost effective, but exceptional in performance especially in the industrial floor coating section. Armor Ultra 3 Layers is not your ordinary epoxy solution, it is packed with deliverable convenience and comprehensive kit that prep your floor for maximum coverage and […]

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How to Apply No Prep | Primer Epoxy Primer

ArmorPoxy No Prep Primer is a revolutionary single-component, sol-gel based fusion primer. It is designed for seamless application on the surfaces and with dual purpose in mind. To act as surface primer To act as intercoat adhesion enhancer ArmorPoxy is a remarkable product that makes the application easier for people and save significant time and […]

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Epoxy Floor Coating for Specialized Warehouse (Industry Specific)

Warehouses are used in a variety of industries and serve different purposes. From food processing and pharmaceuticals to electronics, nearly all industries have their own warehouses as per their requirements. The purpose of having epoxy in the warehouse is to direct the variety and customization features in the warehouse as per the industry-specific requirements. Epoxy […]

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Sustainable Green practice of Epoxy

Sustainability is one factor that is rapidly growing across many industries, and it has reached the world of flooring as well. With a major emphasis on epoxy flooring, it is now leading towards sustainable practices. Epoxy is known for its durability and resilience and its application in the commercial sector. This sustainable practice is widely […]

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