ArmorClad FAQ & Tech Data

Do I need to clear topcoat?

We get asked this question regularly. There are some internet-based sellers who claim that you don’t need to put on a clear topcoat over their epoxy. We at Armorpoxy don’t agree. They say this to reduce the price of their product. The real answer is that a clear topcoat is required. Our ArmorClad clear topcoat is a special water-clear urethane-type coating that helps to prevent yellowing (all epoxies can discolor from UV, topcoating slows this process down significantly) like other epoxies and includes our special Armor Grip Non Skid additive, as a clear coating can make the floor more slippery. If discoloration from high sun exposure is of concern, please see our SPGX Polyurea since Polyureas do not yellow. Our Armor Grip non-skid additive is not like competitors ‘sand’ or aluminum oxide that you can see in the clear coat and wears out fast.  Also in environments where winter road salts and chemicals are used, topcoating is mandatory as these chemicals can harm any non-protected surface over time. Don’t be misled by other company’s statements that a clear topcoat is never required. Also where the floor gets dirty, the height of the decorative chips can ‘hold dirt’ around their edges unless these edges are sealed with topcoat. What do you think, isn’t a protected floor better than a non-protected floor? Why do you think that the car manufacturers ALWAYS clear coat new automobiles? For customers who absolutely don’t want a topcoat, we do offer kits without the topcoat at a reduced price.

We offer our topcoats in two versions, our standard one-part topcoat which is great for general parking, storage, and road conditions, and in as our 2-part Military Grade Topcoat which is the same topcoat sold to car dealers and aircraft repair facilities, and is much more resistant to solvents, fuels, acids, and oils. If your surface will see these types of fluids, we suggest using the 2-part topcoat.

Any surface can and will wear over time so topcoats act as a ‘sacrificial’ surface which may need to be re-applied in the future based on usage, care, weather, etc.

What does the ArmorClad Kit contain?

Each ArmorClad Master kit is 100% complete and contains everything you need for a complete job. Each Master Kit contains
3 gallons of 100% solids ArmorClad Epoxy, clear protective topcoat, large bag of decorative epoxy flecks, (not like other internet sellers or home center kits which only contain a few ounces of flecks). ArmorEtch Cleaning/Etching liquid concentrate, mixing sticks, roller pad, applicaton squeegee, Clear Grip non skid additive, rubber gloves and complete instructions. Other than a standard broomstick for the squeegee and a standard roller handle, there is nothing else that you need. Please note that Add On Kits do not include the mixing bucket or mixer.

Armorclad kits include flecks for a ‘medium broadcast’. Fleck coverage can be varied from none to ‘full broadcast’. Additional 5 lb. units of flecks are sold on our website. If you desire a ‘full broadcast’ floor, please contact our office for pricing as these floors require additional other materials, plus a variation in installation method.

Is ArmorClad hard to install?

No, ArmorClad is easy to install. Our kits include everything that you need. Each kit includes the special etching solution to clean and prep the floor and also puts a microscopic texture on the concrete to assure fantastic adhesion.
We include ArmorClad 100% solids epoxy, ArmorEtch solution clear topcoat, clear grip non-skid additive, the decorative epoxy flecks, rollers, rubber gloves, small corner chip brush, mixing sticks, and instructions.You can easily apply the ArmorClad in a single day, or have your local painter or handyman put it down. Just follow the instructions enclosed with each kit. The only thing you need to supply is the roller frame and handle. ArmorClad is the same type of epoxy used by professional installers.
I’m unsure about coverage, how do I know how much to order?
The ArmorClad Master Kits are packaged to do a standard 2 car garage which normally runs 450-500 sq ft. The 600 sq ft of coverage allows for a safety factor, as if your floor is a bit more porous, or you apply it a bit thicker than the standard application, then coverage can fall. We sell the kits in Master Kit size and an ‘Add On Kit’ size which contains half the amount of the Master Kit, does up to 300 square feet, and is ideal for popular 3-car garages. We recommend a safety factor of 10-15% minimum so you don’t run out during the application. If your project is ‘in between’, and you are unsure as to how much material you need, but don’t want to run short during the project, you can order additional Master or Add on Kits, and return any unopened kits for full credit with no restocking charges, only paying return shipping. If your needs are unusual, or you need coverage advice, please call or email. ArmorClad can also make up custom kits to match your desired project. Please note that 100% solids epoxies are not paints, and conditions such as humity and temperature can affect final color result somewhat, even with coatings from the exact same batch. For this reason, please make sure you have enough product on hand, as stopping in the middle of the job, and ordering more at a later time may result in color shifts which are not a covered warranty item.

How much does a kit cover?

Our Master Kits are packaged to cover a std 2-car garage (450-550 sq. ft) with a built-in safety factor so you don’t run out, and will do a maximum of 600 sq ft. We also sell an ‘Add-On Kit’ size (link) that would be used if you have a larger, 3-car garage. This kit contains one-half the materials of the Master Kit and will cover a maximum of 300 sq. ft. Please note that coverage can be affected downward by numerous factors such as surface porosity, your method of prep (grinding and sanding make the floor more porous, and hence may yield less coverage), the ‘color’ of your floor (darker floors need more coating to cover), surface irregularities (smooth yields more than bumpy) and application style (thicker application will yield less coverage). Also color choice affects coverage as beige and lighter colors such as white, off-white, etc will yield less coverage than darker colors and could possibly require a 2nd coat of epoxy. (Please contact our office for special pricing on epoxy-only for these projects). Red color requires 2 coats and will charge out @ $160.00 more/Master Kit but contain twice the amount of ArmorClad. If you are buying Multiple ArmorClad Kits for commercial applications, please figure a 10% safety factor for coverage, and keep the above considerations in mind when determining quantity needed, or call our office for prompt assistance. For projects ‘on the edge’ of coverage, if you buy more than you need you may return any unused or unopened epoxy for full credit with no restocking charge.

How do I clean ArmorClad?

ArmorClad gets cleaned by using mild detergents or just water. Don’t use a bleach or abrasive type cleaner as it may harm the floor.

What is ArmorClad?

ArmorClad is a military-grade 100% solids (no solvents or water mixed in) 2 part epoxy. It has little if any odor unlike solvent (oil type) paints and will NOT shrink when applied. Most other coatings, paints, and water-based epoxies shrink up to 60% from the applied thickness (hence the reason they all fail). ArmorClad will not shrink from the thickness you apply as.
Can I apply ArmorClad over a previously painted floor?
Yes, since ArmorClad is a 100% solids epoxy it can be applied to most any surface…concrete, wood, metal, etc. It won’t attack or react with your surface since it’s a 100% solids formulation. We do suggest that previously painted concrete surfaces be power washed which usually removes any pre-existing coating that can be easily removed. If you don’t power wash, then you can etch with the included ArmorEtch concentrated etch solution over any existing coating and/or lightly sand it so it has some ‘bite’ for adhesion. Remember, ArmorClad can only stick to what is under it, so if your existing coating is flaking or coming off the ArmorClad could come off with it. Bare wood floors should be primed first with ArmorPoxy Wood Primer. Previously painted wood floors should be lightly sanded with a 120-150 grit sandpaper.

Do I need to prime?

Priming of your floor will generally always give a better, thicker and more uniform result. While not required in most instances the wide variations of surface types, concrete mixes, concrete age/damage can affect the color and sheen and appearance of your project. Please note that differences in sheen due to absorption issues of your floor that has not been primed are not covered under our warranty. Priming with the Armorclad Primer greatly reduces the possibility that these problems could occur. Priming is strongly recommended or required for highly pigmented or light colors such as beige, white, red, yellow, and off white. If you are in doubt, there is no downside to priming other than the cost of the material, but since primer is much less expensive than epoxy it can end up saving money by not requiring an additional coat of epoxy which may be required under certain conditions.
Floors that have been ground, shot blasted, or were previously coated should always be primed with ArmorClad Primer, please contact us for info, pricing or technical assistance.

Do I need to fill cracks in the floor?

Yes, we do recommend that cracks get filled with any commercially available patch compound or one of our industrial-grade crack filling or patching products. We offer a variety of concrete patches, crack fillers and joint sealers and epoxy mortar resins to fill virtually any crack, hole, spalling or damage to your floor. See this link for info on our product offerings. We even offer a complete hairline crack repair kit which even includes the joint grinder. Since ArmorClad is a liquid, it will run into large cracks and could be noticeable. We don’t recommend filling expansion joints, they should be left alone and just coated with the ArmorClad. If you do want to fill your expansion joints contact us to purchase the correct joint fill product. We also offer 2-part Extremely Strong Crack Filling System for large cracks and chipping hairline fractures.

Will ArmorClad level out my floor?

ArmorClad will level out minor floor inconsistencies. Larger holes, dips, chips etc.should be repaired first to get the desired result. Brush and roller marks willself-levell out.

My floor is brand new, why do I have to clean or etch it?

A new floor MUST be washed and cleaned with our etching solution. This is important as all concrete has the mineral lime in it, and lime can affect adhesion. Our special liquid solution eliminates the surface lime. Do not skip the proper prep procedures.

Is ArmorClad thicker than regular paint?

Yes, ArmorClad gets applied at approximately 10 mils. Standard floor paint goes down at 1-2 mils, so Armorclad is more than 5 times thicker than regular floor paint!

Is the surface glossy?

Yes, ArmorClad is very glossy. The gloss is broken up though if the ArmorChips are applied, and if you use the nonskid additive in the clear coat, the nonskid will degloss a bit which is normal and by design. Since garages are often wet, we do not recommend not using the nonskid additive.

Is the surface slippery?

If you don’t use the supplied ArmorChips, the surface can be slippery when wet. We recommend that you put a small mat down by your car door so you don’t slip or fall if you don’t use the chips or the included clear coat and clear grip.

Can I recoat ArmorClad?

Yes, ArmorClad can be recoated in the future. We recommend a good cleaning and light sanding first.

Why is ArmorClad better than other coatings?

ArmorClad is supplied to you by the ArmorPoxy Company, the nation’s leading manufacturer of industrial and military coatings. We are not contractors who got into selling coatings as a ‘sideline’. We know coatings. We know what works and we know how to prevent problems in the field. Our products are made from the highest quality resins available. We don’t source out cheap inexpensive ingredients or buy from the ‘lowest bidder’ ever. Each and every large batch of Armorclad is tested for color, adhesion, dry time and strength before packaging.

Is ArmorClad strong?

Yes, ArmorClad is about 10 times stronger than regular floor paint. It can withstand tools dropping on it and heavy construction equipment.

Is ArmorClad good for commercial applications?

Yes, ArmorClad can be used in any commercial application. ArmorClad is the exact same epoxy as our ArmorUltra 100% solids industrial epoxy, just packaged differently for smaller areas. We have millions of square feet of ArmorClad used throughout the world. High foot traffic commercial applications should use ArmorUltra Clear topcoat. Call for details.

Is ArmorClad dangerous or does it have fumes?

No, ArmorClad is a 100% solids, extremely low odor formula. It is used in hospitals and nursing homes. It has zero ‘VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and is approved for use in all 50 states.  Please note that certain ArmorClad primers and topcoats do hav an odor, so if your project has odor or VOC issues, please contact us for special versions we carry that address this issue.

What is the temperature range I can apply ArmorClad?

We recommend applying between 45-95 degrees. If colder, it may affect the curing, if warmer, the product may harden too quickly. Do not apply in direct sunlight.

Can I apply ArmorClad for outdoor use?

No, ArmorClad is not designed for outdoor use. We do offer a wide variety of other coatings that are designed for outdoor use. Please call or email to for information.


Can I apply Armorclad/Armorultra on top of tile?


While we have had  customers apply these coatings with success on top of tile we recommend testing the product first on tile as there are many types of different tile and we do not offer a warranty when coating tile. Coating on top of VCT tile is not recommended.


How do I clean up after using ArmorClad?

Use xylene (available at any hardware store) to clean up your brushes or spills.

How long do I have to wait until I can use my new floor?

We recommend 24 hours to walk on the floor, and 3-4 days until driving. Cooler temperatures or humidity may cause longer wait times. If you need faster curing times we offer our UltraFast Floor Coating System which allows you to use your floor in 24 hours or less.

Can I get custom colors?

Yes.  We include designer-selected color coordinated ArmorChips with each kit, but if you have a particular color combination you want we will try to accommodate you. We offer you over 100 different fleck colors to suit any decor. Also other base colors are available by special order.  Minimums may apply for custom made colors. Call our office for details. Large commercial jobs may be custom tinted.

Mixed/Supplemental Color Chart
Supplemental Color Chart


COVERAGE: 204 SQ FT/GAL @ 15.9 MILS with top coat. Coverage per kit 610 sq ft/3 gal kit.Coverage may vary based upon application technique or surface porosity. Armorclad can be applied at 15-25 mils (Please note that coverage will fall proportionately as thickness increases so if applied 50% thicker coverage will fall by 50%)

Solids by weight: 100%

Application Temperatures: 50-95 deg F

V.O.C’s (Volatile Organic Compounds): near zero

Mix Ratio: 2:1

UV Resistance: High

Finish: High Gloss

Abrasion Resistance: 22 mg/500 cycles

Flexural Strength: 5400 psi @ ASTM D790

Compressive Strength: 13,450 psi @ ASTN D695 ½” x ½” bars

Pot Life (working time): 30-45 minutes @ 70 deg F

Topcoat: Single component urethane-type custom formulation. Coverage 500-650 sq ft/gal. Applies ‘milky white’ then dries crystal-clear. Mil thickness 3-5 mils depending on application method. Apply with roller or brush.

Shelf life: 1 year in unopened containers. Store in a cool dry place.

Chemical Resistance: Resists xylene, methanol, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, acetic acid, gasoline and petroleum distillates. Contact our office for full resistance chart. Chemcial exposure times may vary.

Armorclad Color Picker