Can be used on counters, walls, floors, columns, furniture, masonry, stucco, wood, and more. No special skills are required, just apply the ArmorGranite Basecoat Primer and roll out the ArmorGranite Stone Effect Coating. Stocked in 6 gorgeous stone shades! ArmorGranite really looks like stone… you will be amazed at the results!

ArmorGranite Stone Effect Coating has microscopic droplets of different colors embedded in the liquid. When applied with the special Stone Effect Roller. these droplets spread out into the stone pattern. This patented process is unique and only available from Armorpoxy. ArmorGranite gives the illusion of depth and texture found in real stone. Superb camouflaging properties, hides most imperfections on surfaces. Ideal for enhancing cinder block walls, patios and pool enclosures.  Extremely durable—stain and mar resistant, ideal for active living areas, waiting rooms and similar applications. Affordable, less costly than faux finishers, wallpaper and laminates. Complements most any décor… incredibly versatile. Can be rolled, sponged or sprayed. (Rolling and sponging require the use of the Basecoat Primer). Provides a uniform, consistent appearance over interior or protected exterior surfaces. Armorgranite can be used outdoors on patios, garages, walkways and more by utilizing our special Outdoor Version of the primer, and topcoating with the ArmorUltra Topcoat.

When using on surfaces that will get wet or walked on, the surface should be topcoated with either the UltraGlaze Clear Topcoat, ArmorUltra 2-Part Clear Topcoat, or the Ultra-Thick Glossy Counter Upgrade. Our specially-packaged Countertop Refinishing Kit (link) contains everything you need to re-do your counters, including the UltraGlaze Clear Topcoat. For an even thicker and deeper clear topcoat, we offer the optional Ultra-Thick Upgrade which is similar to clear, thick bar tops made from wood or other materials that you may have seen.

Coverage is based on smooth, non porous surfaces. Irregular or porous surfaces such as cinder block may require greater quantities per square foot:
Basecoat 200-250 sq ft/gal, ArmorGranite 50-100 sq ft/gal. Please note that Armorgranite is a textured product that may leave your surface with an irregular texture depending on application method and technique. Spraying the product reduces the texture.

Easy to apply, follow the transformation below on a sheet of old Formica-type laminate. (Click on photos to expand)

Armorgranite has recently updated and modernized our available colors. Current production colors are below.

Please note that actual colors may vary from computer screen images. Sample chips are available at this link.

Additional,non stock colors are available (Additional charges may apply) .  Click here for pdf file of  all colors ARMORGRANITE ALL COLORS