Amazing Armorpoxy Bath Refinishing Kit allows virtually any surface to be refinished to a ‘brand new’ look!


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Its easy to refinish your bathtub and other surfaces. Get professional results for hundreds less than a professional refinisher, and thousands less than replacing your bathroom. Make your old, tired bathtubs and sinks look brand new! Change your pink, blue, avocado and brown bathrooms into gorgeous, new showpieces! Ultra-hard bathtub refinishing epoxy formulation lasts for years!

Our kit contains everything you need for truly professional results. Easy to follow instructions are included, and NO special skills are needed to apply the Armorpoxy Bath Refinishing Coating.  Each kit contains our special powdered concentrate that you mix with water, and a cleaning pad and rubber gloves.

  • Simply clean your surfaces to be covered with the included cleaning product and wipe down with a clean dry cloth
  • Mix together the two included cans of industrial-strength epoxy with the included mixing stick, and apply with the included sprayer.
  • After applying your first coat, wait 3-4 hours to apply a second coat.

That’s it…you’re done! Let cure for a few days, then you can use your newly-coated area just like before!

The Armorpoxy Bath Refinishing Kit can be used to refinish bathtubs or virtually any surface. It’s special epoxy bonding molecular technology assures a tight bond with your existing surface. Each kit will do approximately 75 square feet (Two coats of an average tub, shower or surround. Use additional kits for larger areas). Armorpoxy Bath Refinishing Kit results in a bright white porcelain-like finish, just like white tile.

The Armorpoxy Bath Refinishing Kit  can be used to upgrade your home to make it ‘stand out’ for a faster sale, or to get additional time/years if you are planning a large renovation in the future.

Armorpoxy is the largest national manufacturer and distributor of ultra high performance epoxy paints and coatings and sells to many Fortune 500 companies, industrial users, plus the U.S. Military and government. Armorpoxy products are used on thousands of military hangar floors, roofs and other surfaces. Armorpoxy also manufactures the most popular 100% solids epoxy garage floor coating kit on the market, ArmorClad. We have over twenty years of epoxy experience and know what works!


ArmorPoxy Bath Kit Instructions

Frequently asked questions:

Can I do this myself? The kit contains everything you need for fantastic results. Our included sprayer assures that you will have a superb outcome and your surfaces will look brand new. Armorpoxy has sold tens of thousands of Bath Epoxy kits over the years, and now offers it to you in an easy-to-use kit, with complete easy to follow instructions. It’s easy to apply, and NO special skills or equipment are required. We KNOW it is easy to apply and use.

What does the kit include? Each kit is complete with the special 2 part coating. It’s pre-measured, just pour one can into the other! Kits also include the special cleaning pad and cleanser, special application brush, sprayer, rubber gloves and mixing stick.

How long will it take me to do? It takes about 45 minutes to prep a standard tub, and maybe an hour to properly apply the first coat. Another half-hour or so the  for the second coat.

How long does it take to dry? After applying the 2nd coat, you need to not use any ‘wet’ areas for 3 days. Surfaces will dry to touch overnight.

How much do I need? Each kit will do about 75 square feet (a standard tub, shower, or surround). Additional kits can be used for as much area as you need to refinish. Please note that very dark tiles such as greens, blacks and dark blues could possibly require a 3rd coat, and an additional kit.

What about the grout lines? Normally you would paint over the grout lines, and since the epoxy is white, it really looks nice. Of course if you want to remove your grout, then coat, and reapply the grout that can also be done.

Can I tint the epoxy? Yes, you can add up to ½ ounce of ‘universal’ type tints to make the epoxy into lighter and pastel colors. Since the epoxy is bright white, it cannot be made into dark colors since the base is white.

How long will it last? The Armorpoxy will last many, many years. Life span is based on usage and care. Use a non-abrasive cleaner and no bleach to assure a very long life. You can also always re-coat the epoxy in the future if you needed to.

What kinds of surfaces can I use this on? The kit can be used on virtually any surface such as porcelain, tile, ceramic, fiberglass, acrylic, laminate and more. Just follow the prep instructions included in the kit.

Does it have harmful fumes or odors? The kit has fumes similar to an ‘oil based’ type of paint. Adequate ventilation must be used including fans or windows, and all state, federal and local regulations should be followed. Normally any odor disappears in 1-2 days. An inexpensive ‘‘organic vapor’ type respirator available at any home center or paint store can be used if desired.

What if my tub is rusty or has chips? You will need to repair these first. If you have small chips, Armorpoxy sells a Chip Repair Kit. If you have larger gouges, cracks or rust, then use a fiberglass type auto body filler available at any automotive store and fill in and sand the surface until smooth and even. Scrape and sand out any rust prior to applying the Armorpoxy Refinishing Coating. The Armorpoxy kit will make virtually any tub, bath, or kitchen or area look brand new, at a very low cost.

Can it be sprayed? Yes, you can spray the epoxy through a standard sprayer or use the included disposable sprayer. You may have to thin it 5%-10% with xylene or laquer thinner to achieve proper results. Our included instructions give spraying information.

What is the warranty? We warranty the epoxy for 1 year from date of purchase.

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