Installed Epoxy Floors / Garage Floor Installation

2 Car Garage 3-Layer Installed Epoxy System Only $4.95/Sq. Ft. !

Armorpoxy now offers complete, professional installation services. (Smaller projects NYC Tri-State area only, larger projects our regional travel installation teams are available. We also offer Supervision Services  with our experience Supervisors and your labor.)

Our team will come out and prepare your floor with our special equipment, and apply our Armorclad Epoxy Coating Systems to your floor making  it look like new!  Garages, basements, warehoues, factories, car dealers, service ships and more. You won’t believe what a difference a coated floor will make! Plus a coated floor stops corrosion from chemicals winter salts used on roads, and make it much, much easier to keep clean.

Why waste your time and money on thin, water-based ‘home center’ coating kits or standard floor paint that will peel off in months?  Armorpoxy’s coatings are up to  12x thicker than standard floor paint and 7x more durable. You would have to buy 20 ‘home center’ kits to match the performance of a single coat of our ArmorClad Garage System.  Our epoxies are used by the US Coast Guard and Air Force in their hangars nationwide!

Our Commercial Division specializes in repair of damaged floors and application of all of our coatings systems to your specifications. We can install in almost any environment, and have the latest equipment to assure a long-lasting installation.  Our Commercial Division  installs jobs from 2,000-500,000 squre feet. We also offer highly acid resistant floors, and Electro Static Dissapating floors.

For garages, we come in and move your belongings outside or inside (including refrigerators, and we can arrange dumpster containers if you have a lot of belongings to dispose of). Then we remove any built-up dirt, grime, oil, etc and repair cracks and damage prior to coating by surface griding with industrial diamond grinding equipment. We then apply a special 2-part bonding primer, then we apply our super thick 100% solids, non-shrinking ArmorClad Epoxy Coating to your floor and broadcast in ‘decorative flecks’ (you pick your color combinations, thousands are available) to make the floor look like terrazzo or to give it your favorite team colors!  Finally, we then apply a military-grade clear protective topcoat with a non skid additive for safety.

You can actually design your own floor online by clicking here!

Our crews work neat, and will leave your home spotless when the project is completed.

Our manufacturer-direct Prices for a standard 2-car garage run only $4.95 per square foot! (Existing paint removal may be additional). Larger commercial projects run much lower.

Armorpoxy does away with middlemen and ‘franchise’ company’s high fees and overhead, hence the reason we install our floors for such a competitive price, and still offer our long 5-year warranty.

Ideal for factories, car dealers, service shops, basements, laundry rooms, rec rooms, play rooms and more!

Call us @ 888-755-7361 or email us at to consult with our Technical Specialists about your floor.