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Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings & Floor Covering Systems.

Refinish almost any surface with ArmorPoxy’s array of epoxy floor coatings, non-epoxy floor coatings and floor covering products and commercial flooring systems from ArmorPoxy.

ArmorPoxy is a leading factory floor coating manufacturer and distributor providing floor coating and covering systems for residential and commercial flooring applications. We offer a wide range of floor coating and covering systems to suit all your specific commercial flooring needs: Warehouse floors, factory flooring, commercial kitchen floors, kennel floors, airplane hangar floors, shop floors, garage floors, lab floors, esd floors and more. Our epoxy floor coating systems are easy and fast to install, and last much, much longer than any traditional floor paints.

ArmorPoxy II Warehouse Epoxy Floor – Job on a Pallet System

ArmorUltra 100% Solids Epoxy


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ArmorPoxy II & ArmorUltra Commercial Epoxy Flooring Systems

We specialize in our ‘Job on a Pallet’ 100% complete commercial epoxy floor coating kits that come with everything needed, including industrial-grade installation tools and prep materials to assure 100% satisfaction. OVER 4O MILLION SQUARE FEET SOLD!

Armorpoxy II complete system is our most popular floor coating system. It’s high value, and multi-layer, self priming application allousdaw for many years of heavy-duty use in virtually any environment including hangar floors, warehouse floors, factory floors, restaurant floors, hospital floors & health care facility floors, kennel floors, showroom floors and many more. Armorpoxy II floor coating can be applied over most surfaces including previously painted, metal, wood, tile, linoleum, etc. Armorpoxy II floor coating can be used with or without super gloss topcoat.  Used by the U.S. Coast Guard on their hangar floors. USDA APPROVED flooring product for floors in food and beverage facilities.


ArmorUltra Commercial Epoxy Flooring is our 100% solids, thickest multi-layer epoxy floor coating system. ArmorUltra is designed for the most demanding commercial flooring environments and for floors that require more repair or leveling. ArmorUltra is higher cost than Armorpoxy II due to the significant amount of material that the system uses.  ArmorUltra is a super thick floor coating epoxy. AmorUltra cures at the thickness applied due to it’s 100% solids formula. ArmorPoxy’s ArmorUltra System is also available as a special “FH” 5-Layer System for firehouse floors and heavy-duty continuous use commercial flooring applications. ArmorUltra is used by the NYC Fire Department for their largest ladder trucks.


SUPRATILE is our remarkable interlocking commercial/industrial grade floor tile. Supratile can be installed in hours instead of days, and requires little, if any surface prep to install and can handle the heaviest of loads. 25 year warranty, installed cost comparable to epoxy, yet 1/5th the cost when considering mil thickness. Click here for the full supratile website.

SupraTile Interlocking Floor Tile is very versatile and come in a variety of colors, textures and thicknesses depending on use. SupraTile Interlocking Floor Tiles are ideal for industrial floors such as warehouses, firehouse floors and airplane hangar floors. SupraTile Interlocking Tiles are also great for commercial floor use – office floors, waiting room floors, grocery store floors and many more. SupraTile 4mm Interlocking Tiles are perfect for garage floors, storage area floors and laundry room floors. ArmorPoxy SupraTile Interlocking Floor Tiles are the broadest line and highest performance of any interlocking floor tiles in the industry. Available in 4mm – 7mm thicknesses for any budget or application.

ArmorClad Epoxy Floor Coating Kit is our premier 100% solids complete floor kit designed for easy, hassle free do-it-yourself installation for garage floors, basement floors and smaller areas. ArmorClad is by far the finest ‘garage floor coating kit’ available on the market. ArmorClad is 12x thicker than inferior water based ‘home center’ epoxy paints.   ArmorClad Epoxy Floor Coating Kits contain everything you need for a beautiful epoxy floor! ArmorClad Epoxy Floor Coating Kits come in six gorgeous color combinations with contrasting decorative flecks. ArmorClad Epoxy Floor Coating Kits can also be customized from the thousands of color combinations available! Lifetime limited warranty.


Full Broadcast Quart Epoxy Flooring Systems

Quartz Flooring is the “next level” in epoxy flooring option offering amazing durability, impact resistance, chemical resistance, decorative value and ease of cleaning and is ideal for many industrial and residential applications. It is thicker and stronger than traditional epoxy floors. Quartz Flooring Systems are made up of  colored aggregates permanently imbedded in tough clear epoxy layers. This allows the color of the floor to be the color of the quartz selected and can consist of a single color or a mixture of colored aggregate/quartz crystals. Quartz Floors have universal interior use in institutional, commercial, industrial and residential applications. Because Quartz Floors are inherently non-skid, water resistant and durable, they are also ideal for residential basement or playroom areas, wet bar areas, pool or bath houses, garden rooms, hot tub areas, screened in porches, stair wells, pet rooms, and more. Quartz Floors are very decorative in appearance. They are also extremely durable, hard wearing, long-lasting and very easy to clean/maintain. Quarts Floors are perfect for many industrial and manufacturing facility flooring jobs. Other commercial applications include supermarket floors, convenience store floors, educational facility floors, hospital floors and health care facilities, commercial kitchen floors, food processing plant floors, lab floors, pharmaceutical plant floors, prison floors, bathrooms, animal hospitals, kennel floors, retail areas, office buildings and lobby floors, and many more. Please call ArmorPoxy at 888-755-7361 or email for pricing and available color options.

quartz supermarket

Quartz Floor – Supermarket

Quartz Floor

ArmorCover roll-out heavy duty PVC rubber flooring is the perfect cost-effective answer for floors that are difficult to coat with epoxy due to erosion, cracks, oil/grease, or where time or temp is an issue. Easy installation! Just rolls it out, trim, and use! Popular ‘coin’, diamond, ribbed, or smooth patterns available.

ArmorStone is our unique ‘roll on stone’ system. Armorstone is actual ground stone embedded in a special application liquid. Naturally non-skid. Great for outdoor use on decks, walkways, steps, garages, and more. Indoor uses such as pool decks, locker rooms, bathrooms, etc.  Can be tinted any color.

Armorpoxy is our world-famous 1-part (no mixing) epoxy coating.  10x more durable than std floor and enamel-type paints. Easy to apply. Great for equipment, metal, wood, and most other surfaces.  Economical solution where std paints have failed. Great for marine use.

ArmorFleck is our heavy duty terrazzo look decorative fleck epoxy system. Available in standard, or EX version (give a granite-like look). Easy to apply, long lasting results.


UltraFast is Armorpoxy’s hi-tech ’1 day’ floor coating system. Install today, use tomorrow. Also used where low installation temperatures are encountered. Uses latest polyaspartic/polyurea coating technology.