Armorpoxy offers our most-popular ‘Job on a Pallet’ System designed for easy self-installation that can save up to 85% on a similar heavy-duty floor. The Armorultra FH floor can take daily use from vehicles weighing 100,000 lbs and more!  Used by NYC Fire Dept for their largest ladder trucks.

Designed for the most severe application such as fire houses, heavy equipment repair facilities, 24/7 continuous duty warehouse facilities, and areas that are constantly wet that need a super durable, thick non skid surface that will not wear out for many, many years (and can last forever if properly maintained).

The Armorpoxy FH System consists of 5 LAYERS (4 layers of special high performance epoxy, and one layer of non skid sand encapsulated in the epoxy). This system is almost ‘bulletproof’ and compares with floor coating that can run $8.00-$10.00 per square foot.  Armorpoxy is the only company in the United States that offers this grade of floor in a complete kit for easy installation.


ArmorUltra FH is sold as a ’Job on a Pallet’ COMPLETE, READY-TO-INSTALL KIT!


Armorpoxy supplies free, unlimited technical advice and assistance for easy self-installation, and NO special skills are required to install it…it just rolls on like floor paint!

Below are step-by-step photos of an actual fire house floor installation. Total time 4 days, 53 man-hours to complete. Thickness of floor approximately 65 mils.  Below are the ‘before’ photographs.

The System is installed as follows:

STEP 1. Sweep, clean and etch or grind the floor (Job on Pallet kits include ArmorEtch Concentrate, or you can rent a floor grinder)

Step 2. Prime Floor with ArmorUltra Primer Coat. Allow floor to dry overnight.

Step 3. Apply ArmorUltra 100% solids epoxy coating and broadcast in size ’00′ sand (purchased locally to save shipping at any home center or building supply store). Sand is applied to floor while epoxy is wet, and applied to ‘rejection’, fully covering the floor like a beach. Sand is applied by walking on wet epoxy with supplied spike shoe bottoms which allow walking on wet epoxy without damage, due to the self-leveling  characteristics of the epoxy. Allow epoxy to dry overnight.

Step 4. Remove Excess sand by vacuuming and sweeping, leaving the floor surface like a large piece of ‘sandpaper’.

Step 5. Coat with ArmorUltra 100% solids epoxy which encapsulates the sand and sandwiches it between the super-thick epoxy layers. Allow to cure overnight.

Step 6. Apply final coat of Armorultra Military Grade Protective Topcoat.  This final layer protects the epoxy for cleaners, oils, diesel fuel, firefighting foams, acids and other harfmul liquids.  Apply ArmorUltra in safety colors for lane markers if desired..

CALL 888-755-7361 or email with square footage for pricing. We also carry a complete line of crack filers and floor repair items to repair your floor if there are issues that an epoxy wont fix.