ArmorPoxy SupraFlex Recycled Rubber Interlocking Tile Floor - sports floors, gym flooring, playgrounds

ArmorPoxy SupraFlex Recycled Rubber Interlocking Tile Floor



Now available from Armorpoxy SupraTile, SupraFlex Rubber Gym Flooring / Sports Flooring. Manufactured from 100% clean and odor-free recycled tires.

We then add non-recycled ‘colored’ EPDM rubber materials to make the surfaces look decorative and to meet your design needs. Some of our colored additive rubber comes to us directly from Nike Sneakers where we use their virgin cut/trim waste from the manufacturing process and mix it in to our formulations!

SupraFlex Rubber Flooring comes with a 25-year warranty!

Available in thousands of color, thickness and types. Ideal for gyms, children’s play areas, control rooms, yoga studios, fitness centers, areas that need a somewhat ‘softer’ floor, and virtually any surface that needs new, easy to install flooring that is durable, eco-friendly, decorative and super functional. SupraFlex flooring that has ‘less’ colored material included with the recycled black material cost less than formulations with higher contents of colored material.

SupraFlex Rubber Gym Flooring is available in either interlocking tiles, square tiles,  or 4 foot wide rolls, and in thicknesses of 3.2mm-10mm to meet virtually any need. This amazing product line also offers cushioned thicker tiles for weight rooms that can handle the heaviest barbell plates being dropped on them, plus also offering sound absorbtion. SupraFlex is easy to clean with just simple standard cleaners. Adhesive is normally not required, but is available for more demanding environments, or where there are significant temperature swings or direct sunlight exposure which can cause the tiles to expand. We offer over 100 standard color combinations, and can even do custom color mixes with the EPDM that can be mixed with the recycled material (minimums apply, contact us for info).

SupraFlex is also available in an ESD electro static dissipating formulation. Custom logos are available manufactured from virgin colored EPDM material that is ‘water-jetted’ from your supplied art files.

See available colors below. Please contact us for info and pricing.

We also offer a ‘turf’ version that comes in interlocking rectangular squares. Ideal for indoor facilities what want a ‘grass-like’ surface such as strength and conditioning facilities.

For outdoor use we offer our Playground Tiles which offer superior safety cushioning for playground equipment up to




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