ArmorPoxy offers a variety of concrete floor repair products, mastic remover and concrete surface prep products to repair and prep your concrete floor prior to applying a floor coating or other floor covering. Floor prep is the most important part of the floor coating process and repairs need to be made prior applying any floor coating. If your floors are oil soaked, need crack filler, joint sealer, floor leveling product, mastic removal from tile or carpet or any other problem, we have concrete floor repair products that can be used to remedy those issues. We can guide you with advice and numerous options to strip, clean and repair your concrete floors prior to coating. ArmorPoxy also offers small floor grinders and other concrete floor prep machines to aid with the floor prep process. Floor grinding machines can also be rented at local tool rental centers.  Once repaired and prepped you can now apply any of our concrete floor coatings or concrete floor sealant products reducing the chance of a floor failure, peeling, or shortened life.


INSTALLATIONS AND COMMERCIAL FLOOR PREP: For local projects in the New York tri state area, please contact ArmorPoxy. Our Prep-Crete division can assist you with Concrete Floor Surface Prep including shot-blasting and floor grinding. ArmorPoxy also offers local installation of our products. Please visit or call 908-279-1544 for more information.


Cracked, un-level, spalled, corroded floors, expansion joints, grease and oil stains, read our  Surface-Prep-Memo for info on how to address these situations. If your concrete floor is very corroded and repairing is not feasible, please see our Corroded Floor Bulletin for suggestions on the products that will give you the best result.


crack-1-300x199 FOR CONCRETE CRACK REPAIR: Use our CRACK REPAIR EPOXY PUTTY Special 2-part crack repair product that is three times stronger than concrete. Perfect for hairline and smaller cracks, small pops and spalling. Easy to mix and apply.





CONCRETE-PREP-TOOLFLOOR GRINDING: DIAMOND BRUSH PREP TOOL Special plate fits on standard floor buffers to easily prep existing coatings or concrete. Low cost vs shot blasting or diamond grinder rentals.





humb1-251x300 FLOOR GRINDING: ARMORPOXY EASY TO USE FLOOR GRINDER SYSTEM – Amazing Armor floor and edge grinder makes short work of concrete floor prep.  Special floor grinder / dust collector rides easily on gas shocks and ‘floats’ on the surface like a hockey puck. 10 segment carbide/diamond blade gives super long life and fast results. Great for smaller areas and areas that are occupied or in operation. This system is also available for rental, $750.00 per week plus 2-way freight.






2cans-sm-size2 FOR CONCRETE CRACK REPAIR: EPOXY PUTTY CRACK REPAIR SET – Super hard 2-part epoxy repair product. Great for hairline and shallow cracks. Can be painted immediately after applying.  High solids, 7x harder than concrete.


2cans-sm-size2-1 FOR OIL SOAKED CONCRETE FLOORS: BLACK EPOXY ‘COAL TAR’ ASPHALT REPAIR MORTAR – Ultra heavy duty 2 part epoxy used for repairs of oil-laden concrete and asphalt. 6 times stronger than asphalt, wont soften in sun.


armorcan FOR OIL SOAKED CONCRETE FLOORS: OIL/GREASE EMULSIFIER – This unique product allows you to turn the oil and grease on your floors into a soapy solutions that washes away. Great for pre treatment of older floors before coating.



2cans-med-sizeFOR OIL SOAKED CONCRETE FLOORS: OIL STOP PRIMER -This unique product is a special 2-part primer specially formulated to adhere to floors that have been cleaned but have residual oils and grease embedded in the floor. Normally used under Armorpoxy II, ArmorUltra, and ArmorClad epoxies. An outstanding product with millions of square feet installed over oily floors.




cementpatch_t FOR CONCRETE FLOOR REPAIR: CEMENT FLOOR PATCH – This floor covering product is a simple to use cement floor patch for patching divots, holes and similar depressions. Ready to use.



armorcan1FOR FLOOR PAINT AND FLOOR COATING REMOVAL:  HEAVY DUTY CONCRETE FLOOR STRIPPER – Fast acting chemical stripper used to remove paints and coatings, including 2-part epoxies. Commercial/Marine grade.



2cans-med-size-1FOR CONCRETE FLOOR LEVELING:  EPOXY MORTAR KIT – A high tech 3 component system consisting of a 2 part epoxy mortar and special aggregate. Fast drying. Trowels down for easy of use and leveling. Available in 2 sizes .45 cubic foot and 2.25 cubic foot





2cans-sm-size FOR CONCRETE JOINT FILLING: FLEXIBLE JOINT SEALER – 2 part epoxy-type joint sealant that gets ‘poured into’ joints for filling. Useful for larger joints and gaps.



2cans-sm-size1 FOR CONCRETE FLOOR REPAIR: EPOXY MORTAR LIQUID RESIN – Ultra high performance 2 part resin gets mixed with locally-purchased sand for repair of holes, spalls, and other concrete surfaces needing repair. 8 times stronger than concrete.



mastic FOR MASTIC REMOVAL FROM CONCRETE SURFACES: Soy based MASTIC REMOVER  Environmentally safe liquid softens mastic, adhesives and glue from tiles and carpet, allowing for easy removal and disposal. No harmful fumes.



floor-scraper-thumbFOR USE WITH MASTIC REMOVER, ADHESIVE REMOVER, FLOOR PAINT AND FLOOR COATING REMOVER, HEAVY DUTY FLOOR STRIPPER: COMMERCIAL FLOOR SCRAPER – Used to assist in removal of paints, coatings, epoxy, glue, mastic, and other substances from floors. Ultra sharp 6″ tempered steel blade (replacements sold by us also). Long 6′ handle with padded grips.