ArmorTile is completely UV resistant and won’t fade. ArmorCarpet is also mildew and mold and stain resistant. Maintenance is only sweeping or vacuuming if it gets dirty.Armortile is a GREAT solution for peeling decks or patios that won’t hold paint, or need constant repainting, or are splintering. You won’t believe the nice soft feel that ArmorCarpet has on your feet. Soft..yet very strong. Perfect for garages too and can withstand 16,000 lbs per square foot, so it can handle almost any vehicle weight! Perfect for around pools and not affected by chlorine.

The ‘snap together design’ makes installation easy and fast, required no special tools or adhesives. The built-in expansion joints allow ArmorCarpet to expand and contract individually without buckling or moving. ArmorCarpet helps to prevent concrete deterioration by elevating the carpet away from salts found in acid rain.

Each ArmorCarpet tile has 304 supporting legs that promote drainage. Water sweeps through the tiles, taking with it any dirt, sand, etc and are ‘self-cleaning’ and do not require removal for cleaning underneath. The ArmorCarpet also acts as a ‘filter’ preventing debris from getting underneath it.

Please note that when installing ArmorCarpet on rubber or asphalt-type roofs we recommend the use of our 1/8″ Roof Protector to prevent the hudreds of ‘little feet’ on the ArmorCarpet tiles from damaging your roof when the roof gets very hot.

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ArmorCarpet Interlocking Carpet Squares are 12″x12″. ArmorCarpet Squares are available in 7 beautiful colors: