ArmorStone can be made to look like tile by the application of our available ‘grout tape’. The tape is applied over the primer (which ends up showing through as the grout lines so make sure your primer is tinted to your preferred grout color), and then removed after the ArmorStone is applied. Virtually any design or tile pattern can be made with ArmorStone! You can also make ArmorStone look like fieldstone by the same method, but using masking tape and cutting the masking tape with a shop knife in varying widths to mimic loose stone! (We suggest that you get the DVD which shows this method clearly.) Armolrstone is NOT hard to apply and just ‘rolls out’ like paint. Varying colored surfaces that look like stone accents can be achieved by the use of multiple layers of different tint colors (see DVD for full info).
Note: If you don’t tint both the primer and the ArmorStone, since ArmorStone is semi-translucent you may experience a lightening of the surface or you may need more material to cover the lighter-colored primer.

ArmorStone is UV stable and won’t fade. It’s an amazing product with virtually limitless applications for almost any surface. Once applied and dry, if you attempt to scratch it with a coin, the coin will wear down and will not affect the ArmorStone. Its waterproof, superbly durable, non skid, and adheres to most any clean/dry surface. Great for refinishing shower areas, pool decks, stairs, garages, counters and more.

We recommend you read the instructions (see Tech/Install Link)to familiarize yourself with ArmorStone prior to application. ADVD installation video is available for a nominal charge which is refundable against your purchase. ArmorStone is available exclusively from us and is made to our exacting specifications by a leading manufacturer in Canada.

Please note that the Armorstone is only shipped in the ‘Natural White’ color and that tinting is done in the field with our supplied tinting formula charts for Ace Hardware, Sherwin Williams, or Benjaman Moore color tinting systems.

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