See actual photos below of a large concrete footbridge at a college that was resurfaced in 2 days using Armor Renew Deck & Concrete Resurfacer. The project was completed in ‘halves’ so that bridge did not have to close. Spalling and degraded concrete was patched with our UltraFast Mortar and our Crack Repair Epoxy Putty (Click to enlarge).

See before/after photos below of complete rehab of ’Chase Waterfront Plaza’

Now you can restore decks, resurface concrete patios, renew virtually any surface to a ‘like-new’ finish in just hours and save thousands over replacement concrete or decking. Do you have a deck that is old and ‘splintery’ and won’t hold paint necessitating the need to repaint every 1-2 years? Do you have a concrete surface that is  dirty, old looking, spalled, has minor cracking or really showing it’s signs of age? Now you can RESURFACE decks or patios by simply rolling on Armor Renew Deck Paint & Concrete Resurfacer! No need to tear down your deck and replace it for many thousands! No need for your to jackhammer out your patio or concrete decking! No need to spoil the environment with construction debris!

Armor Renew Deck & Concrete Patio Resurfacer is superb for resurfacing pool decks, steps, patios, basements, decks, walkways, porches, balconies, virtually ANY wood or concrete surface! NO SPECIAL SKILLS ARE REQUIRED, JUST ROLL ON LIKE PAINT!

Armor Renew Deck & Concrete Resurfacer is fantastic for boat docks and other surfaces by lakes and water!

Armor Renew Deck & Concrete Patio Resurfacer is a proprietary blend of acrylic polymers and high performance military grade resins with concrete and stone powders, bonding agents and silica additives that give the Armor Renew Deck & Concrete Resurfacer an amazingly strong and long-lasting surface.  Our technology makes it stick to virtually any properly prepared surface with tenacious adhesion resulting in a beautiful finish that is easily applied by roller or brush and will provide many many years of trouble free service.  Armor Renew Deck & Concrete Resurfacer is easy to apply (it just rolls on like deck paint), looks great, and will give many, many years of long lasting life.

Armor Renew Deck & Concrete Patio Resurfacer can be applied to any clean, dry, wood or concrete surface. No special prep is required other than power washing to remove dirt and pollen. Previous coatings must also be removed or properly prepped as Armor Renew Deck & Concrete Resurfacer works best when being applied to bare concrete or wood.   Wood surfaces should be should be lightly sanded and primed with Armor Renew Primer before applying Armor Renew Deck & Concrete Resurfacer. Concrete surfaces should be lightly etched with diluted muriatic acid or our ‘Acid Safe’ etching solution. Please note: Deck resurfacer / for wood surfaces only (not concrete), we require the use of Armor Renew Deck Resurfacing Primer to obtain the lifetime warranty.

Armor Renew Deck Paint & Concrete Resurfacer is super slip resistant for use on areas that get wet such as pools, steps and sidewalks. No extra non skid additives are required. The finished surface has a natural texture to it that hides and covers minor imperfections in your concrete or wood. (Armor Renew is not designed for driveways or garages or other types of vehicular traffic).

Armor Renew Deck Paint & Concrete Resurfacer fills in splintered areas, small cracks, fissures, spalls, splits, and other imperfections giving your surface a ‘like new’ look for fractions of the cost of replacement. Unlike deck paints or stains which ‘soak in’, Armor Renew sits ON the surface and is over 50 times thicker than paint. Armor Renew Deck Paint & Concrete Resurfacer exists mold and mildew, and is easy to keep clean with just a simple hosing down occasionally.

Armor Renew Deck Paint & Concrete Resurfacer is available in 25 colors! Free sample swatch books are available (nominal deposit required, refunded when returned) to help you pick the exact color. Armor Renew is available 2 gallon size and 4 gallon pails.  We also offer a color-matched smooth/non-textured version for easy coating of uprights, rails and between boards.  Can be applied to composite (Trex type) decking by use of our special Flash Bond Primer.




Questions and Answers:
Are any special skills required to apply Armor Renew?
-No, Armor Renew just rolls on like paint. The only ’special’ thing you need to know is to use our special foam roller which allows the product to be applied rather thick to achieive the desired results. It is a very ‘forgiving’ product.
Can I apply Armor Renew to all surfaces?
-Armor Renew can be applied to horizontal surfaces (must use our special foam roller to apply) or applied vertical surfaces with our small area roller or brush.  It is also available in a smooth, non-textured version for uprights and vertical surfaces which is easier to apply than the textured standard version, and in-between boards.
Can I apply Armor Renew to painted or sealed wood?
-Yes, but those surfaces must have been painted at least 1-2 years prior. Remove previous coatings/sealers by power washing any old and flaking paint as Armor Renew, like all coatings, can only stick to what is under it, so if your existing paint is peeling, it should be stripped or sanded.  Armor Renew Primer should always be used for wood surfaces and is required to activate the lifetime warranty for wood surfaces. Armor Renew can be applied to existing coatings if you are unable to remove them but they  should be lightly sanded prior to coating for good adhesion, and the primer used. If your existing coating is really stuck on well, then sanding it for prep is fine. Pressure treated wood should be aged at least 1 year prior to coating.
Can I apply Armor Renew to composite or Trex-type surfaces?
-Yes you can but those surfaces should be coated first with our Flash Bond Bonding Primer.
Will Armor Renew ‘fix’ my deck wood or concrete?
-Armor Renew will fill in minor imperfections up to 1/4″.  It it is a coating that covers splintering and disintegrating areas. It is though not ‘magic’ and can’t repair rotted or severely damaged wood or large gaps and holes. Any unsafe or rotted boards should be replaced as necessary. Large holes in concrete should be repaired with a concrete patch. Raised boards should be screwed down with galvanized or stainless deck screws. If in doubt, contact a licensed contractor to review your deck or surface.
Is Armor Renew slippery?
-No, actually it is quite textured, and would not be considered ’smooth’. It is naturally non-skid and can be applied to stairs to reduce slippage. A smooth version is available for uprights and in-between boards.
Can you make custom colors?
-We offer Armor Renew in 25 beautiful colors. If you want a color we do not make, contact us to purchase our neutral ‘tint base’ and then take it to a local paint store to have it tinted to your desired color.
Is Armor Renew toxic?
-No, Armor Renew is completely VOC and solvent free. It contains no toxic materials and cleans up with soap and warm water. It will not harm plants or vegetation.
How long does Armor Renew take to dry?
Normally 24 hours is needed for the Renew to dry/cure enough to walk on with standard foot traffic. Full hard curing takes 3-4 weeks for it to get ‘concrete strong’. The surface should not be power washed for 45 days. Please note that temperature and humidity and weather can affect cure times +/-.
How much Armor Renew do I need?
-Coverage is calculated at from 80 square feet per gallon per coat (The thickness of Armor Renew is what makes it work).  So, you need to take your L x W, multiply by 2 (for 2 coats) and divide by 80 to determine the number of gallons. For a 20′ x 20′ area you would need 10 gallons (20 x 20 = 400 sq ft. x 2 = 800 sq. feet. Divide by 80 = 10 gallons required. PLEASE NOTE THAT COVERAGE CAN VARY FROM 50-100 SQUARE FEET PER GALLON BASED ON SURFACE CONDITIONS, POROSITY, WOOD CONDTION, COLOR CHOICE.
Is it normal for the surface to be somewhat ‘blotchy’ after the first coat?
-Yes, this is normal and will clear up after the second coat is applied?
How long does Armor Renew last?
-Armor Renew will last many, many years. Exact lifespan is unknown due to the many variables of weather, use, subsurface condition, etc. Of course, no product can last forever, but Armor Renew is the thickest, strongest, and most economical coating that can be legally made to resurface your project. We offer a limited lifetime satisfaction replacement warranty in the event of a failure. Contact Armorpoxy for copy of warranty.
I’m unsure about picking a color or if I will like the product, what can I do?
-Armorpoxy offers several ways to assist you with your decision making process. First, you can order free sample chips of most colors from the main page of our website. These 1″ square chips show the actual product applied so you can see color and the texture. Second, you can order from our Online Store under the ‘Outdoor’ Section, a free (deposit required) complete actual swatch book that shows all of the colors of the actual Renew. Third, you can order from the Online Store/Outdoor Section a small test kit to apply to your surface which includes a quart of the Renew, and a small 3″ special application roller and handle.
Are there any type of applications where Armor Renew is not recommended?
-Armor Renew is not recommended for areas that have standing water, poor or limited drainage, or water collects. We do offer coatings for these types of areas, contact our office for details.

Below see actual photos sent in by an Armor Renew customer of a pool deck rehab..