Bare Wood, Stone, Pavers, Masonry, Brick, Unglazed Tile – Use Armorpoxy ArmorProof special silicone and Teflon® floor sealer. This special clear water-based and environmentally safe (NO voc’s) concrete sealer and floor surface sealer actually penetrates the surface and fills the pores with silicone. Special Teflon ® additive offers significant surface protection and weather resistance. Great for use to treat porous stone, pavers, slate, and more to prevent winter freeze damage as the ArmorFroof prevents water from penetrating and causing freeze problems. ArmorProof is by far the best, longest lasting surface waterproofing product that can be legally manufactured under current environmental regulations.

Watch water ‘bead up’ like on a waxed car on your treated surface!

Surfaces must be porous and unpainted or otherwise sealed so that the ArmorProof can penetrate the surface. Pre-treat areas if needed by power washing to remove any dirt, mildew or other foreign matter. New masonry should cure for at least 30 days prior to applying. Can be applied by a standard ‘garden sprayer’ or rolled on. One coat is recommended. Coverage 150-250 sq ft/gallon depending on porosity.

When applied has a slight ‘milky white’ appearance which disappears quickly when dry.