The ArmorStone System consists of the application of textured primer, epoxy, and sealer/topcoat. The finish of the surface is determined by the type of roller you use. A smooth, standard nap roller gives a smooth, but slightly textured surface. Our available ’tile’ roller gives the look of tile, while the available ’stone’ roller mimics the look of rougher stone, and makes for a more non-slip surface. ArmorStone comes in a stock ‘natural white’ base color and on our ‘Tech’ links are have formulas to print up and take to your local paint store to have it tinted to one of 9 beautiful colors, or you can tint to whatever color you want to match your project!

Armorstone is a superb product for refinishing steps, walkways, pool decks, sidewalks, locker and pool roms etc. It is fully UV stable and will not fade in the sun. It’s textured surface is naturally non skid.