ArmorTop is an amazing coating developed by us in response to the high demand for an outdoor concrete and asphalt coating. ArmorTop works on concrete, cement, bricks, wood and asphalt (not for vehicular traffic, see ArmorTrak for vehicle traffic). ArmorTop is an economical epoxy modified acrylic finish designed to resist abrasion, weathering, and moisture degradation. Can be used on building exteriors for maxium protection against the elements. Other uses include highway bridge structures, median barriers, retaining and noise abatement walls, and thousands of other surfaces. Used extensively at theme parks around the world for appearance issues, ease of cleaning and safety. Commercial/Industrial grade, not like ‘home center’ low solids, water-based coatings.

One-part, no mixing formula. Provides one of the most durable coatings on the market today. Fully UV resistant. ArmorTop is excellent for tennis courts, outdoor walkways, handicap ramps, stairways, picnic areas, sidewalks, and can be applied over previous cool deck coatings. Can also be applied over stucco or plaster.

ArmorTop comes in two versions, textured and smooth. Extremely hard shell finish will not fade, chip crack or yellow.

FINISH: ArmorTop is available in smooth or textured finish 34 Mils thick. Coverage of smooth is 200-250 sq ft/gal, coverage of textured is 150-200 sq ft/gal. Porous and non-coated surfaces like bare concrete and asphalt surfaces must be primed with our Flash Bond Bonding Primer.  Available in a variety of colors, see Online Store link to purchase.