GRAFFITI REMOVER – Armorpoxy offers  a fantastic grafitti remover solution for your graffiti problems. Our unique graffiti remover removes the most stubborn graffiti from stone, wood, masonry, etc. Rated “Best” by NY Transportation Authority. Removes Spray Paints, Enamel and Latex Paints, as well as Crayon, Wax, Gum, Oils, Lipstick, Ink Markers, Adhesives and Scuff Marks. This paint remover is safe on all Smooth & Porous Surfaces! Available in convenient one gallon size, and 16 oz spray bottle for smaller areas.

For grafitti prevention or easy removal our Graffiti Guard Protector is a  unique 2 layer permanent paint coating that goes over previously painted surfaces or brick and porous surfaces. Once applied, this clear high performance special silicaone blend coating soaks in and offers long lasting protection against graffiti and marking. Does not change appearance of surface.  If graffiti is applied to the surface, you simply  then rinse and scrub, to remove any residue and to leave the surface looking like new! No need to re-apply for very long periods of time.