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Install a floor down to Zero Degree temperature!

Armorpoxy UltraFast / Ultra Low Temp Floor Coating Systems

Armorpoxy UltraFast is a series of two different revolutionary proprietary floor coating systems where specific needs such asimmediate back-in-service times, outdoor use or a  very low temperature applications are required.  UltraFast is the next generation beyond epoxies using NASA-formulated copolymers, and polyaspartic formulations to achieve amazing floor coating results with minimal  downtime. UltraFast is great for commercial kitchens, bakeries, airports, prisons, cafeterias, garages (where you can’t leave your belongings outside overnight), low temperature situations such as coolers and freezers, warehouses and garages that are cold and have no heat, factories & industrial use where the normal 3-7 day downtime of epoxies can’t be tolerated and thousands of other applications.  Great for car dealers and repair shop environments  that need to be ‘back to work’ quickly.  Although UltraFast is  more expensive than epoxies, frequently the shorter curing times  make it far worth the additional expense.   Ultrafast is extremely resistant to all types of acids, solvents, fuels, oils and paints. It’s almost impossible to remove. All UltraFast systems are available as 100% complete ‘Job on a Pallet’ kits that contain all necessary prep materials, special rollers, non skid additives, frames, mixers, etc. Armorpoxy also offers another alternative for quick installs, our SupraTile Interlocking Floor Tiles www.supratile.com.