ArmorFleck-EX is an enhanced version of our best-selling ArmorFleck. Each kit contains 1.5 gallons of our self priming 93% high solids 2-part industrial grade epoxy and 2-part clear coat glaze and four times the amount of flecks to give the your floor a unique ‘heavy terrazzo-like’ look. Each kit covers approximately 250-300 square feet. Kits contain everything you need including the unique non-acid etching component.

Each ArmorFleck-EX Kit contains: (1.5 gals) Epoxy, 1.5 gals clear 2-part  topcoat, 1 Kit Surface Prep Kit, Colored Flecks, and a non-skid additive.

Pattern 1: Light Gray Base Black & White Flecks

Pattern 2: Med Gray Base Black, White & Blue Flecks

Pattern 3: Med Gray Base Blue & White Flecks

Pattern 4: Beige Base Black, Brown & White Flecks

Pattern 5: Beige Base Black & Brown Flecks

Pattern 6: Med Gray Base Red & White Flecks



SKU:  AI-7500

Pattern 1
Pattern 2
Pattern 3
Pattern 4
Pattern 5
Pattern 6
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