Epoxies & Related Products

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ARM013X: ArmorUltra Fast Set Primer

ARM015X: ArmorUltra Primer

ARM015VX: Vertical Epoxy Primer

ARM110X: Epoxy Mortar Complete Kit

ArmorClad Epoxy Kit - 2 Layer - Medium Broadcast

Armorclad - Full Flake Broadcast System

ArmorUltra: Job On Pallet Std VOC

ArmorUltra: Job On Pallet 3-Layer Low VOC

ArmorPoxy II: Job On Pallet 2-Layer Std VOC


ArmorPoxy II: Job On Pallet 2-Layer Low VOC

AmorTallic Metallic Epoxy System


ARM139X: Flexible Broadcast 100% Solids Epoxy

ARM144X: ArmorPoxy II Primer

ARM1784X: 100 Solids Epoxy Flexible Membrane Coating

ARM409X - Moisture Barrier Epoxy

ARMP140X: Roofing Epoxy Primer


ARM505VX: Vertical Epoxy Base Coat

ARM707X: ArmorUltra High Build 100% Solids Epoxy

ARM707X-CM: 100% Solids Epoxy Coating

ARM818X: Crack Repair Epoxy Putty

ARM820X: Oil Stop Primer

ARM829X: Flexible Joint Sealant

ARM903SLX: Water-Based Urethane Slurry


ARMPOLY85-CM: 85% Solids Polyaspartic Coating (Clear)

ARM343X: Fast Set Concrete Repair

SPGX Polyurea

GC-ARM341LV Polyaspartic

ArmorPoxy I Part Epoxy


Armorpoxy I/O Coating


BallistiX Squire (High Gloss)

BallistiX NCO (Semi-Gloss)

BallistiX Ranger (Vinyl)

BallistiX Grenade Flow Pack

BallistiX Grenade Satin Pack


BallistiX Counterattack

BallistiX Stealth Coating Part A

BallistiX Stealth Coating Part B

BallistiX Silane Stripper


Armorpoxy Citric Etch


Flash Bond Primer

Fuzion Mica Spray - Metallic Colorant

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