ArmorRoof Clear Shingle Coating Seals and Rejuvenates

ArmorRoof-SH is a clear glaze sealer that rejuvenates shingles. Seals, protects and adds significant water resistance. 100% acrylic sealer is designed to penetrate porous surfaces and to provide excellent film formation on all kinds of shingles and roofing including asphalt, fiberglass, wood, plywood, clapboard, primed metal, galvanized steel, asphalt, urethane, Styrofoam, polyester, brick, stucco, masonry and most other surfaces. Helps to protect against mildew and fungi formation and helps to prevent dirt pick up.

roof91Rejuvenates most any surface. Seals in roofing granules and prevents further degradation. Prevents against further tar breakdown, curling and cracking and enhancing and increasing the waterproof life of your roof. Adds water resistance to leaking roofs (large holes, seams, cracks, damaged roof tiles, etc.  must be repaired separately. No liquid coating can guarantee 100% waterproofing). Adds a slight gloss to the surface. Multiple coats increases glossiness.

Roof should be clean and dry. Wash roof down to remove any foreign matter and dirt. Scrub if necessary. Patch any holes, seams, cracks, etc with a clear, paintable acrylic caulk before applying the ArmorRoof. Apply using brush, roller or spray. A hand pump-type sprayer can also be used. Spread liberally to assure good penetration and sealing. Two coats are recommended. Do not apply below 45 deg F. Dry time 1-2 hours, but can vary if cooler or more humid. Note..coating may appear to be ‘bluish’ when applied, but will turn clear as it dries. Do not thin, apply directly from container. Cleans up with warm, soapy water.

Coverage approximately 250 sq. ft./gal. Can recoat in 2-3 hours. Full cure about 5 days.  Ships in 5 gal pails.