ArmorRoof Silcon-PW Ponding Water Roof Coating

11-Year Warranty

ArmorRoof Silcon-PW is a revolutionary 100% SILICONE flexible roof coating with the ability to handle ponding water!

Formulated from industrial grade silicone resins Silcon-PW is the industry’s leading roof coating system that can be easily user-applied in a single application eliminating the need for multiple coats, and the need to ‘find’ two days of clear weather.  Silcon-PW can handle getting rained on within 2-3 hours of application since it starts to ‘skim’ as it cures and will not be damaged by rain prior to full curing.

Silcon-PW can be applied to virtually ANY type of roof material including built-up type,  granulated cap sheet, asphalt shingles, well-adhered acrylic, EPDM, concrete, metal, sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam and various membrane roofings.

Another benefit of Silcon-PW is that it can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees F! (40 degrees is preferred, but it will cure even if applied at 35 degrees)

Silcon-PW an handle virtually any amount of ponding water (make sure to always check with your structural engineers and/or architects and local building code authorities as Armorpoxy cannot be responsible for damage to property caused by the weight of standing water. Water weighs 8.3 lbs/gallon so the weight of standing water on a roof can be very significant).

Easily applied with a brush,  roller and/or squeegee, no special skills are needed to apply.  Generally applied at  50 sq. ft/gal (1 x 5 gal pail per 250 sq ft) which gives a thickness of approximately 28 mils cured. Silcon-PW costs more/sq foot than our standard ArmorRoof, but goes on as a single coat resulting in significant labor savings. Please note that for cost savings Silcon-PW can be used on problematic ponding water areas, and the standard ArmorRoof Liquid Rubber can be used on the balance of the roof surface. Silcon-PW can be sprayed by using the sprayable version (minimum order 55 gal drums) and designated spray equipment. Call or email for information.

Silcon-PW remains very flexible and will move with roof and building movement or expansion/contraction to significantly reduce the chance of cracking or future leaks developing. Will not get hard and dry out like tar-based products or elastometrics. White color reflects 90% of UV rays and heat away from the roof keeping your roof 20-30 degrees cooler in the sun which reduces cooling costs signifantly.

Silcon-PW is also available in a ‘Butter Grade’ Silcon-PW-BG, which has the consistency of warm butter and is thicker than the standard version and can be used for flashing around pipes, vents, parapit walls, a/c curbs, skylights, seams, screws, etc. Silcon-PW-BG is color matched to your color choice for a neat, clean appearance.

Standard colors include white, light gray and black. Additional colors are available, and custom colors can be made (250 gallon minimum/additional charges apply, contact us for details, pricing, lead times). Packaged in 1, 5 & 55 gal sizes. Please call oremail for discounts on larger projects over 1,000 square feet.