Our 100% environmentally safe mastic remover works wonders on removing mastic and glue from ceramic tile, asbestos tiles, vinyl tiles and carpet. Non solvent-based formula allows much longer ‘sit time’ without evaporating like other removers. Simply roll or pour on, let stand (about 45 minutes up to 4 hrs or until mastic is soft) then scrape or squeegee off the jelly-like dissolved surface, leaving a clean floor! Certain mastic may turn into a ‘puddle’ and should be squeegeed into an area, then absorbed by commercial absorbent such as Speedy Dry, or even cat litter,  then shovel up. Coverage for vinyl and carpet glue 200-250 sq ft/gal.

Coverage for ceramic tile adhesive 150 sq ft/gal. Not for use on wood. May slightly darken concrete. After removal of mastic, we suggest cleaning any residue. Call our office for larger size purchases in 5 gal. or 55 gal drums. Discounts are available for larger sized jobs.





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