Armorpoxy’s kennel flooring products are trusted by pet lovers to provide solutions for flooring finishes that ensure the safety of your four-legged favorites at all times. We provide durable pet facility floor coatings that keep your kennel hygienic with minimal maintenance required. 

Kennel Floor Coatings

By using durable kennel coatings, your favorite playful paws, and wagging tails take center stage. 

From epoxy kennel flooring solutions to polyaspartic floor coatings, choosing the best kennel flooring solution is necessary for creating a safe environment that prioritizes the comfort and well-being of your pets. 

When you use Armorpoxy kennel flooring solutions, you can be sure that beyond the surface underfoot, you are getting a floor that can withstand constant paw traffic. We provide anti-slip kennel epoxy solutions for seamless kennel floor finishes that are chemical-resistant.

Why are Seamless Kennel Floor Finishes Ideal for Pet Facilities?

Seamless kennel floor finishes help to maintain the hygiene of kennel floors by preventing the accumulation of dust, debris, dirt, and bacteria.

Durable kennel floor coatings like Armorpoxy’s Polyaspartic Floor Coating Kit leave behind a high gloss finish that is superior to standard garage floor paint and is easy to maintain. The surface ensures that your pet can enjoy a clean and comfortable area.

Armorpoxy’s Polyaspartic Floor Coating Kit is a 2-layer system resistant to abrasions, impacts, and chemical spills. It is the perfect money and time-saver for your kennel area flooring. Upon application, this floor coating becomes tack-free in 2-4 hours, allowing you to use your kennel area in one day.

The best part is that it can be self-installed with no previous skills required. The Polyaspartic Floor Coating Kit has all you need to achieve the perfect kennel floor.


FAQ & More Information

Epoxy Kennel Flooring Solutions are useful for achieving durable and long-lasting floors. They protect against significant wear and tear from the consistent paw traffic in kennel areas. Upon application, long-lasting kennel epoxy systems like the Armopoxy II Commercial Epoxy System leave behind a durable surface that meets the required standard of pet facilities. As a pet facility floor coating, it helps to maintain the quality of your floor even if you have the most active furry resident. The Armopoxy II Commercial Epoxy System is a 2-part epoxy floor coating that offers chemical and abrasion resistance. It is a military-grade floor coating system that helps you save up to 80% on contractor-installed floors. It is one of Armorpoxy’s hygienic kennel floor sealers that are ready-to-install flooring solutions. The Armopoxy II Commercial Epoxy System comes as a kit that contains everything you need to prep, apply, and install on your kennel area flooring. When you buy the Armopoxy II Commercial Epoxy System Kit, you get a complete instruction manual and have access to unlimited free telephone support.

Safety is important when taking care of your pet. This is why you should always choose anti-slip kennel epoxy flooring solutions to prevent slips and falls. With these anti-slip epoxy flooring solutions for kennel areas, you can reduce the risk of injuries and ensure a safe area for your pets. Pet facilities can also use these flooring solutions to protect staff members from the risk of injuries. Rest assured that these kennel epoxy coatings will allow your beloved pets and their caregivers to move around without the fear of accidents caused by slippery floor surfaces.

It is no news that a kennel area must be clean to promote the health and well-being of pets. This is why hygienic kennel floor sealers are essential as they contribute to the cleanliness of your pet facility. Applying hygienic floor sealers like the ArmorUltra by Armorpoxy will give you an easy-to-clean, dirt-resistant surface. It is a military-grade floor coating system that is trusted by kennels, stores, restaurants, and commercial facilities to keep their floors clean, healthy, and glossy for long. Armorpoxy’s ArmorUltra is a super high-performance 3-layer coating system that leaves behind a perfect gloss finish. Using a primer/epoxy/topcoat layering system, this flooring kit gives you 5-6 times more thickness than standard floor paints. The ArmorUltra Job-on-a-pallet kit has everything you need to install the epoxy resin for kennel floors.


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