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The Best Cannabis Facility Flooring

Choosing the right cannabis facility flooring is necessary for keeping your grow room hygienic, reducing product degradation, and increasing output. Armorpoxy offers the best range of grow room flooring solutions to keep your cannabis facility ready for in top shape for increased output. 

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Cannabis Facility Flooring

From grow rooms to dispensaries, your choice of flooring solution is significant in that it helps to create an ideal environment for growing and processing cannabis. The ideal cannabis facility flooring solution contributes to a safe, clean, and efficient environment for growing your beloved plants. 

Cannabis production floor coatings ensure that your grow room and dispensary areas have durable floors that are aesthetically pleasing. 

Choosing flooring options like Armorpoxy’s SupraTile Interlocking Floor Tiles will ensure sterile and slip-resistant conditions in your work area, impacting the product quality and the efficiency of operations. 

Armed with a rubber mallet and a pair of snips or a small electric saw to trim around the edges, you can easily install the SupraTile. They come in various colors, textures, and designs, so you can customize your cannabis facility floor to your unique style and taste.

SupraTile PVC interlocking floor tiles are highly resistant to chemicals, dirt, moisture, and abrasion. They are easy to clean with water and any mild cleaner. Also, you don’t need to wax these tiles, saving you time and money long-term. 

Why is Your Cannabis Facility Flooring Important

One critical aspect of cannabis cultivation success is ensuring you maintain the right environment for growing your plants. From maintaining precise temperature to controlling humidity, it is necessary to create a sterile and easy-to-maintain surface for optimal plant health and growth. 

An ideal grow room flooring solution that helps to create a controlled environment for healthy marijuana growth is the SPGX Super Fast Curing Polyurea Coating by Armorpoxy. 

It is a single-component floor coating that is made from high-quality industrial-grade resins. It is designed to surpass all other single or double-layer polyurea coatings on the market. It can be swiftly applied to your marijuana grow room surfaces to protect against the most severe environmental conditions like moisture, heat, and cold. 

The SPGX Polyurea Coating cures in minutes and quickly adapts to surfaces that it is applied on, reducing the risk of cracks or peels on the floor of your cannabis facility.

Cannabis Dispensary Flooring Options to Consider

Dispensary areas need flooring solutions that combine aesthetics with functionality. This is because they are the face of your cannabis business. The best dispensary flooring options offer a perfect blend of producing durable and stain-resistant floors that can withstand heavy foot traffic while being visually appealing.

Armorpoxy offers the best options for cannabis dispensary epoxy floors to choose from. One of these is the 2-layer epoxy floor coating system that comes in a ready-to-install kit. The Armorpoxy II commercial 2-layer epoxy system is a military-grade coating system that contains everything you need to prep, apply, and install on your dispensary floor. It is recommended for indoor use only and can also be used in growroom areas. 

Another dispensary flooring option to consider is the 3-layer commercial epoxy system. It is a super-duty military-grade floor coating system that super high-use commercial industry players trust. It is made from the finest and most expensive ingredients available to give your cannabis floor area a unique coating layer of primer/epoxy/topcoat. After application, it is at least 5-6 times thicker than standard floor paints. 


FAQ & More Info

An efficient cannabis processing floor material allows you to get back to using your facility in a few hours after applying or installing without compromising on the best flooring standards. Armorpoxy’s Polyaspartic floor coating is ideal for use in indoor and outdoor grow areas. It offers a 1-day installation timeframe with it becoming tack-free in about four hours after application. The Polyaspartic floor coating is a 2-layer system that is highly resistant to abrasion, impacts, and chemical spills. With no prior skill required, you can easily apply it to your facility floor to achieve a high gloss finish that is superior to standard garage floor paint. high gloss finish, superior to standard garage floor paint.

To achieve a durable floor, you need to get the best cannabis processing floor materials that meet industry standards in terms of compliance and efficiency. A quality floor material needs to be non-porous and easy to clean while being highly resistant to chemicals that are commonly used in the extraction process. This will help to uphold the integrity of your operations and ensure that you are meeting the required regulatory standards. ArmorPoxy’s Polyaspartic floor coating kit is all you need to achieve durable flooring. It contains all the cannabis processing floor materials and helps you install a long-lasting floor in 1 day. The kit helps you achieve a multi-coat in a single day and gets tack-free in 2-4 hours. It is ideal for commercial facilities and processing areas. It has a strong UV resistance quality that makes it perfect for outdoor use. As a 2-layer system, it gives you floors that are resistant to abrasion, impact, and chemical spills.

Polyaspartic & SPGX Polyurea Fast Drying Systems

ArmorPoxy Polyaspartic and Polyurea are designed for environments that need a fast drying multi layered floor system. Polyaspartic is UV stable and Polyurea is UV tolerant. Both have extreme chemical and abrasion resistance!

SPGX One Part Polyurea Coating - 1 Gal

300-400 Sq Ft / Gal
1-Part Polyurea
1 or 2 Layers
3 Colors
$236.00 - $282.00
Free Shipping
Bundle Kit

SPGX Polyurea - Full Flake Broadcast Kit - 4-Layers - 300 & 600 Sq Ft

300 & 600 sq ft
Multi Component Kit
2-4 Layer System
Mulitple Color Options
$1098.00 - $1815.00

Polyaspartic - 85% Solids - 2 Gal Clear / Colored

300-500 Sq Ft
Mulitple Color Options
2-Part Polyaspartic - Fast Drying
$299.00 - $324.00
Bundle Kit
New Product

Polyaspartic Floor Kit - Fast Drying - Indoor & Outdoor - Up to 500 SQ FT

300- 500 Sq Ft
Multi Component Kit
2-Layer Polyaspartic Fast Drying

Job On Pallet Epoxy Systems

ArmorPoxy's job on pallet kits are durable epoxy coating systems designed to withstand heavy use and harsh environments, providing long-lasting protection for all project types. You save up to 80% with these systems!

Free Shipping
Bundle Kit

Job on a Pallet - Commercial Epoxy System - ArmorUltra 3-Layer - Per Sq Ft - Low & STD VOC

By the sq ft
Multi Component Kit
3-Layer Epoxy System
Multiple Colors
$2.30 - $2.79
Free Shipping
Bundle Kit

Job on a Pallet - Commercial Epoxy System - ArmorPoxy II 2-Layer - Per Sq Ft - Low & STD VOC

By the sq ft
Multi Component Kit
2-Layer Epoxy System
Multiple Colors
$1.49 - $1.89

SupraTile Interlocking Tile

SupraTile is an industrial grade PVC interlocking tile designed for commercial grade uses, ease of installation, and exceptional durability. An ideal solution for various commercial and residential flooring needs. Comes in variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and thicknesses.

Design Series - 7mm - SupraTile Interlocking Tiles - $9.40/Sq Ft

2.25 Sq Ft / Tile
Hidden Joint
Multiple Designs Available

Urban Series - 6.5mm - SupraTile T-Joint - $8.21/Sq Ft

3.61 Sq Ft / Tile
Multiple Designs
T-Joint Tile

4.5 mm - T-Joint SupraTile Coin or Textured - $2.96/Sq Ft

2.9 Sq Ft / Tile
Coin & Textured Pattern | T-Joint
Multiple Colors
$8.60 - $12.15

5.5 mm - Hidden Joint SupraTile - Leather - $4.44/Sq Ft

2.70 Sq Ft / Tile
Leather Pattern | Hidden Joint
Multiple Colors
$11.98 - $14.39

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