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ArmorPoxy's state-of-the-art coatings are engineered to safeguard your boat from the harshest elements, ensuring that your adventures on the water are not just memorable but also free from the worry of wear and tear. Discover why ArmorPoxy is the trusted choice for boaters seeking the ultimate in durability, aesthetics, and long-lasting performance.

ArmorPoxy’s Product Range:

  • BallistiX: spray on nano technology coating for the boat full. Protects against algae, staining, and it's easy to clean
  • ArmorTrak:  Used on decks by the U.S Navy, ArmorTrak offers high resistance to all types of chemicals and solvents. ArmorTrak is ideal for boat decks and roofs, patios, steps, walkways, and many other uses. This one-part coating is available in 4 versions and 13 colors. Priced by square foot, minimum order is 150 square feet.

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