Your sidewalk does not have to look boring or dreary. With vibrant floor designs that instantly bring your space to life, you can now achieve a beautiful sidewalk that elevates the feel of your personal or business area. Armorpoxy’s products are popular for their quality, long-lasting standard, and functionality which make them a construction favorite.

Enhance Sidewalks With Advanced Floor Coatings Solutions

Sidewalk Coating

As our cities continue to open up, so do sidewalks continue to endure foot traffic and unpredictable weather conditions. This is why a sidewalk needs to be more than just a pathway, but should be durable and resilient enough to endure foot traffic. 

Sidewalk coating solutions are important as they are the secret to achieving durable sidewalks that are long-lasting. They are a protective shield against the elements and the wear and tear of constant use. 

Armorpoxy’s sidewalk coating solutions are unique in that not only do they extend the lifespan of sidewalks, but they also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of these walkways with unique designs. These high-performance sidewalk surface coatings bring the reality of a durable sidewalk to your community, making it safe for everyone, old or young. 

Achieving Durable Sidewalks

Applying durable sidewalk coatings ensures that communal walkways can boast of exceptional weather resistance, and stand up to scorching sun, heavy rain, and the lowest temperature without losing their protective properties. 

With these sidewalk coatings, even high-traffic areas can remain strong for years. This helps to save on maintenance costs. One of the best products to use is Armorpoxy’s Armor Liquid Membrane. 

The Armor Liquid Membrane is a rubber-like coating that can be easily applied to any sidewalk surface to create an incredible water-resistant barrier that prevents water and moisture intrusion. It is specially formulated for surfaces like sidewalks that need full water and moisture protection. Depending on weather conditions, full curing takes anywhere from 2-7 days after application.

FAQ & More Information

Concrete sidewalk sealers like Armorpoxy’s Asphalt and Concrete Surface Bond work to provide a robust defense for sidewalks. They prevent moisture penetration, ward off the possible damage of freeze and thaw cycles, minimize cracks, and deterioration from heavy use. Quality sidewalk sealers provide an invisible and impenetrable shield, reinforce the structural strength and safeguard walkways against elements for years. Armorpoxy’s Asphalt and Concrete Surface Bond is specifically designed for superior adhesion, providing a strong, durable bond on a variety of surfaces. It can be used for concrete repairs and several outdoor projects. It is easy to apply and dries quickly, making it a great choice for sealing concrete sidewalks and ensuring that it is protected for years. If you’re looking for a high-quality concrete sidewalk sealer that you can trust, look no further than the Asphalt and Concrete Surface Bond by Armorpoxy. Commercial Sidewalk Protection Coatings

Serious businesses do not consider sidewalks to be just pathways, rather they understand that their sidewalk is an extension of their brand and public image. With commercial sidewalks facing unique challenges like heavy foot traffic and increased use, applying commercial sidewalk protection coatings is necessary for improved protection, durability, safety, and an enhanced aesthetic appeal. Armorpoxy’s ArmorTrak Flexible Coating System is a perfect sidewalk protection coating for commercial areas. It is a unique 1-part, self-curing, military-grade flexible urethane coating system that is trusted by the US Navy. It provides super high resistance to water, all types of chemicals, and solvents. The outdoor version is highly UV-stabilized.


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