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Your automotive and dealership service can be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Armorpoxy’s array of flooring solutions can be used in automotive and dealership service areas, forklift traffic, warehouses, packaging & shipping areas, and almost any commercial or industrial area. Armorpoxy is trusted by industries and government agencies to provide lasting flooring solutions that are resistant to dirt or chemical spillage. 


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Automotive Dealership and Service Flooring

From showroom flooring to workshop floor coatings that can endure the traffic demands of service areas, choosing the right automotive dealership & service flooring solution will help you achieve a balance of aesthetics, functionality, and durability. 

Choosing the best flooring solutions from Armorpoxy is your secret to achieving a dealership and service area that looks exceptional and provides peak performance. Dealership flooring solutions like Armorpoxy SPGX are durable and can be trusted for long-term use. 

The SPGX flooring solution is a single-component, ultra-fast curing Polyurea coating that is designed to surpass virtually all other single or dual-component flooring layers on the market. It is made from high-quality industrial-grade resins and can be swiftly applied effortlessly. 

SPGX is engineered to provide exceptional performance with it being highly resistant to abrasion, impact, and chemical spillage, making it a perfect choice for automotive service center floors. It offers excellent protection against UV rays that can cause other coatings to fade over time. 

Now, your showroom floors can match the elegance of the automobiles that you are putting on display, and look shiny despite the rigors of daily use and foot traffic.

Impact of Showroom Flooring on Customer Experience

Beyond being a stage for vehicle displays, showrooms are an integral part of creating a comfortable environment for your clients who are looking for the best experience while shopping. 

Customers are greatly influenced by what they see and they never forget an experience. This is why your choice of showroom flooring options is crucial for providing an overall experience. you use sleek and visually appealing floors like Armorpoxy’s SupraTile Interlocking Floor Tiles, you are providing the positive perception that your automotive dealership & service needs for successful customer service. 

The SupraTile Interlocking Floor Tiles are unique in that they are made from high-quality, industrial-grade base materials. They are a durable and easy-to-install flooring option with high resistance to chemicals, dirt, moisture, and abrasion. 

Why Are Slip-Resistant Dealer Floors Important

Slip-resistant dealer floors are important for an automotive space with constant foot traffic. It is not just a precaution, they are a necessity. Slip-resistant floors provide a secure environment for both staff and customers, reducing the risk of service and improving the overall standard of safety. 

Choosing slip-resistant dealership flooring solutions like ArmorPoxy’s Polyaspartic Floor Coating Kit is your first step to ensuring the well-being of everyone who walks through your automotive dealership & service area. 

It offers a 1-day installation timeframe and becomes tack-free in 2-4 hours. Its single-day multi-coat application makes it more durable and provides resistance to abrasion, impacts, and chemical spills. 

ArmorPoxy polyaspartic floor coating kit is fast drying and leaves behind a high gloss finish that is superior to standard garage floor paints and dries faster. It leaves behind no odor and can take vehicle traffic within 48 hours after application. 

Epoxy Flooring for Automotive Dealership & Service

Epoxy flooring for auto dealers is an ideal choice of durable flooring solutions. It is popular for being durable, resistant to stains, and easy to maintain. It leaves a high gloss finish that improves the feel of sophistication in a dealership store, reflecting the quality of the vehicles on display. 

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, epoxy flooring is also a great high-traffic service bay flooring and can withstand potential spills that are bound to happen in commercial automotive spaces. 

Automotive dealership & service area epoxy flooring solutions like Armorpoxy II Commercial Epoxy System offer high-quality chemical and abrasion resistance. It is a military-grade 2-layer floor coating system that helps you save up to 80% over a contractor-installed floor. It contains an UltraWear high wear non-skid powdered metal wear additive that helps to keep your service area floors slip-resistant for a long time. 

Best Automotive Dealership Floor Coatings for Heavy Traffic Areas

With service bays as the core of automotive service areas, challenges like oil spills, abrasion from heavy equipment dropping on the floor, and wear and tear from foot traffic are a likely occurrence. 

This is why your choice of workshop floor coating is important. An ideal automotive dealership & service area floor coating can withstand the challenges and provide durable commercial automotive flooring that is easy to clean. Armorultra 3-Layer Commercial Epoxy System from Armorpoxy ticks all of these boxes and more. 

Armorultra 3-Layer Commercial Epoxy System is perfect for achieving maintenance-friendly dealership floors and contributes to providing efficient service operations while ensuring the longevity of the workshop floor. 

It is a 3-layer super-duty military-grade floor coating system that leaves behind a high gloss finish. It comes in a kit and is trusted by car dealers, aircraft maintenance facilities, stores, restaurants, and other high-use facilities to achieve the perfect flooring. 

Armorultra 3-Layer Commercial Epoxy System uses a mid-layer of 100% solid epoxy to achieve at least 5-6 times thickness than regular floor paints. This makes it a perfect choice for the most demanding application. 

Technical Support

Investing in quality automotive dealership & service flooring solutions is a game-changer in achieving an exceptional automotive experience. It is more than just choosing floors, it is about selecting customized solutions in alignment with the unique needs of your service center. 

As a result, Armorpoxy offers dedicated support staff to assist you throughout the process of choosing to apply the perfect automotive floor coating. Send a message now to get


Job On Pallet Commercial Grade Epoxy Coating Systems

ArmorPoxy's job on pallet kits are durable epoxy coating systems designed to withstand heavy use and harsh environments, providing long-lasting protection for all project types. You save up to 80% with these systems versus hiring a contractor!

Free Shipping
Bundle Kit

Job on a Pallet - Commercial Epoxy System - ArmorUltra 3-Layer - Per Sq Ft - Low & STD VOC

By the sq ft
Multi Component Kit
3-Layer Epoxy System
Multiple Colors
$2.30 - $2.79
Free Shipping
Bundle Kit

Job on a Pallet - Commercial Epoxy System - ArmorPoxy II 2-Layer - Per Sq Ft - Low & STD VOC

By the sq ft
Multi Component Kit
2-Layer Epoxy System
Multiple Colors
$1.49 - $1.89

SupraTile Interlocking Tiles

SupraTile is an industrial grade PVC interlocking tile due to its robust design, ease of installation, and exceptional durability, making it an ideal solution for various commercial and residential flooring needs. Comes in variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and thicknesses

6.5 mm - T-Joint SupraTile - Coin or Textured - $4.97/Sq Ft

2.9 Sq Ft / Tile
Coin & Textured Pattern | T-Joint
Multiple Colors
$14.42 - $17.30

Design Series - 7mm - SupraTile Interlocking Tiles - $9.40/Sq Ft

2.25 Sq Ft / Tile
Hidden Joint
Multiple Designs Available

7 mm - Industrial Dovetail Joint SupraTile - Textured - $5.46/Sq Ft

2.9 Sq Ft / Tile
Textured Pattern | Dovetail Joint
Multiple Colors
$15.84 - $19.00

Urban Series - 6.5mm - SupraTile T-Joint - $8.21/Sq Ft

3.61 Sq Ft / Tile
Multiple Designs
T-Joint Tile

7 mm - Hidden Joint SupraTile - Leather - $5.87/Sq Ft

Mulitple Colors
Leather Pattern | Hidden Joint
2.7 Sq Ft / Tile
$15.84 - $19.00

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