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For over 25 years Armorpoxy has been supplying large corporations, small businesses, industrial and government agencies with high performance industrial floor coatings and flooring products. Armorpoxy’s products and services are unmatched in the industry. ArmorPoxy carries innovative flooring options for your grow facility to make purchasing and installation of your project fast and easy. Contact Armorpoxy’s experienced staff to help you choose the correct floor for your application and budget.  

Grow Room Epoxy Flooring

Maintaining a safe and durable floor is paramount in the world of dispensaries and cannabis grow facilities. These spaces are subjected to unique challenges, including heavy foot traffic, moisture exposure, and the need for cleanliness. Protecting your grow room floor with the right solutions is not just a matter of aesthetics but also about ensuring compliance and efficiency. At ArmorPoxy, we specialize in providing top-tier industrial coatings and epoxy systems, and we understand the specific requirements of cannabis facilities. 

Grow Facility Flooring Options 

Epoxy with Flakes:

  • Epoxy with flakes is an excellent choice for cannabis grow rooms. The textured surface created by the flakes offers slip resistance and easy cleaning. Our ArmorClad Epoxy Kit is a versatile option that provides the durability required for high-traffic areas while maintaining a professional appearance. It's a practical solution for both dispensary and grow room flooring.

SupraTile Interlocking Tiles:

  • SupraTile Interlocking Tiles are an ideal choice for quick and efficient flooring installation in dispensaries and grow facilities. These tiles are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them a flexible option for spaces that may need reconfiguration. They provide a robust surface that withstands heavy loads and chemicals, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Metallic Epoxy:

  • For those seeking a unique and eye-catching flooring solution, our ArmorTallic Metallic Epoxy Kit is the perfect fit. It combines the strength and durability of epoxy with stunning metallic effects. This option is not only visually appealing but also resistant to wear and tear, making it suitable for both dispensary and grow room environments.

Concrete Sealers:

  • Concrete sealers are essential for protecting the underlying concrete substrate from moisture and contaminants. Use our Coval No Prep sealing kit or Coval UTC to spray on your concrete, protect it from chemicals, cleaning agents, and more.

Job On Pallet Commercial Epoxy Kits:

Our ArmorUltra 3-layer epoxy system is a comprehensive protection 3 layer coating system. By sealing the concrete, you create a barrier that prevents water intrusion, chemical damage, and ensures the longevity of your dispensary floor. ArmorPoxy II is our 2-layer coating system, the more affordable choice with a much thinner system build since its only 2 layers. Both are great options, talk to a sales rep today for further guidance. 

What Are the Best Flooring Options for Grow Facilities?

  • Epoxy with flakes
  •  Interlocking PVC Tiles - SupraTiles easy to use
  • Polyaspartic which is a fast drying coating and can be installed in 1 day
  • Metallic Epoxy for a more visual and design look
  • Concrete topcoats and sealers 

How to Maintain Your Grow Facility Floor?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Sweep or vacuum to remove debris and mop with a mild detergent. For epoxy floors, occasional resealing may be required. SupraTile Interlocking Tiles can be easily replaced if damaged.

Why Choose ArmorPoxy for Grow Facility Flooring?

ArmorPoxy offers a wide range of specialized solutions designed for cannabis facilities. Our products, including ArmorClad Epoxy Kit, ArmorTallic Metallic Epoxy Kit, SupraTile Interlocking Tiles, and ArmorUltra 3-layer epoxy system, are known for their durability, performance, and suitability for the unique challenges of dispensaries and grow rooms.

Protecting your dispensary or grow facility floor is essential for compliance, safety, and long-term cost savings. ArmorPoxy's industrial coatings and epoxy systems, such as ArmorClad, ArmorTallic, SupraTile, Polyaspartic and ArmorUltra 3-layer system, are tailored to meet the specific demands of these environments. With our solutions, you can ensure a reliable and durable flooring surface that withstands the challenges of cannabis cultivation and dispensing. 


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