ArmorPoxy II

ArmorPoxy II 2-layer Industrial Grade Coating System-Complete Kits

Industrial Grade Coating System-Complete Kits

ArmorPoxy II: A Success Story in Commercial Epoxy Flooring

ArmorPoxy II is our flagship product, standing out as the most popular and cost-effective commercial epoxy floor coating on the market. Testament to its excellence, over 30,000,000 square feet of ArmorPoxy II have been sold and successfully installed across various industries.

Trusted by US Coast Guard

The quality and reliability of ArmorPoxy II have earned it high-profile patrons, including the US Coast Guard.

Chosen by Leading Exhibit Spaces and Facilities

ArmorPoxy II isn’t just about practicality; it also caters to aesthetics. ArmorPoxy II can seamlessly blend functionality with visual appeal.

ArmorPoxy II: The Universal Epoxy Floor Coating Solution

ArmorPoxy II Epoxy Floor Coating is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be effectively used for warehouse floors, factory floors, car dealership floors, restaurant floors, commercial kitchen floors, hospital floors, health care facility floors, kennel floors, and packaging plant floors, among others. This wide applicability makes it a go-to solution for diverse commercial needs.

Conclusion: ArmorPoxy II—The Pinnacle of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

ArmorPoxy II stands as a testimony to excellence in the realm of commercial epoxy floor coatings. Its popularity and cost-effectiveness, coupled with the impressive track record of over 30,000,000 square feet installed, speaks volumes about its quality and reliability. The product’s endorsement by the US Coast Guard and selection by leading exhibit spaces further enhance its credibility. With its wide range of application, from warehouses to healthcare facilities, ArmorPoxy II remains an unmatched solution in commercial epoxy floor coating. If you seek a balance of durability, performance, and aesthetics, ArmorPoxy II is undoubtedly your ideal choice.

Available in ten standard colors (see Tech/Color Tab) plus bright red, bright white, safety yellow, and many other OSHA approved colors. Custom colors are available on special order (minimums apply, contact us for details)

ArmorPoxy II Epoxy Floor Coatings have been installed extensively by the U.S. Coast Guard for many of their aircraft hangar floors. Selected by leading exhibit spaces for fashion shows and presentation space. ArmorPoxy II Epoxy Floor Coating can be used for warehouse floors, factory floors, car dealership floors, restaurant floors, commercial kitchen floors, hospital floors, health care facility floors, kennel floors, packaging plant floors and more.

ArmorPoxy II Epoxy Floor Coating is USDA approved flooring for food preparation facility floors. ArmorPoxy II Epoxy Floor Coating is non-conductive. ArmorPoxy II is a super-heavy-duty high performance 2-part commercial epoxy floor coating for demanding applications requiring faster dry times and superior chemical and abrasion resistance. ArmorPoxy II is a superior commercial floor coating that is highly resistant to most common chemicals, auto fluids, oils, grease, and salt.

ArmorPoxy II Epoxy Floor Coating is a high solid, solvent-based two part epoxy that is 3-4 times thicker than traditional home center type floor paint and is normally used in conjunction with our ArmorUltra Military Grade Two Part Topcoat for maximum stain and chemical resistance. For slip and maximum wear resistance add our ULTRAWEAR High Wear Non-Skid Additive or one of our other skid-reducing products.

ArmorPoxy II is sold as a complete, ready to install Job on Pallet Kit which includes everything required for a proper installation. Kits include prep/etch solution, mixing buckets and mixers, rollers, frames, epoxy, topcoat, nonskid wear additive, spiked shoes for walking on wet epoxy, industrial sized roller frames and pads and complete, easy to follow instructions.

Commercial Floor Kit Builder

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Color Chart

Tile Red


Medium Gray

Light Gray

Off White

Charcoal Gray

Dark Gray

Light Blue





Desert Tan

Khaki Tan

Traffic Yellow

Safety Yellow

How to Apply ArmorPoxy II System Overview

What is a two-layer epoxy floor like?
When applied in multiple layers, epoxy coatings make the flooring seamless and strong. The two-layer epoxy coating ensures the floor withstands grease, scratches, moisture, and chemicals. The number of coats required differs according to floor types and environmental conditions. Two epoxy coatings are minimum for decent results.
Are 2 layer epoxy flooring systems expensive?
If you compare it with regular floor paints, epoxy floorings may seem more expensive. However, their value lies in the long-term value. When done right and maintained properly, these floors last for decades. The 2 GAL ArmorPoxy II kit starts from $339.00.
Can I install ArmorPoxy II epoxy system myself?
Yes, with ArmorPoxy II ready to install Job On Pallet Kit, which takes care of every little thing that you might require for epoxy flooring installation. You can use our comprehensive and easy installation instructions to get started with your flooring.
How do I install ArmorPoxy II flooring system?
You can check the prep and installation instructions for the ArmorPoxy Job On A Pallet system. You will need prep and coating solutions, mixers, liners, frames, special rollers, spiked shoes, non-skid additives, etc. Everything is included in ArmorPoxy II Job on a Pallet Kit.
Choosing the right flooring system?
Choosing the right flooring system depends on a lot of factors. Moisture exposure, condition of the floor, the purpose of flooring, budget, and degree of post-work maintenance required are some basic prerequisites of choosing your flooring.