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ArmorPoxy warehouse floor coatings and warehouse flooring is ideal for warehouses, line striping, forklift traffic, loading docks, packaging & shipping areas, public & employee areas and virtually any similar type of commercial or industrial usage. Save up to 80% over a contractor installed floor. ArmorPoxy specializes in a wide array of warehouse flooring and commercial floor coatings for virtually any application. Over 50,000,000 square feet sold! All ArmorPoxy warehouse floor systems are USDA approved for food area use and are highly resistant to forklift traffic and designed to last many, many years. Our warehouse floor coating systems can also be re-topcoated at any time easily and inexpensively. 

ArmorPoxy is a premier manufacturer and supplier of advanced floor coating solutions tailored for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Their product lineup addresses the flooring needs of diverse environments, including warehouses, factories, commercial kitchens, kennels, airplane hangars, shops, garages, laboratories, and areas requiring electrostatic dissipative flooring or corrosion resistance. ArmorPoxy’s coatings are designed for durability, ease of installation, and longevity, far outperforming conventional floor paints.

For warehouses, which endure substantial wear from machinery, frequent traffic, and minimal cleaning, ArmorPoxy recommends its ArmorPoxy II and ArmorUltra systems. These are specifically engineered for high durability and can withstand the rigors of heavy industrial use. In addition to these, ArmorPoxy provides solutions for floors that are exposed to corrosive substances or have sustained damage, complemented by a comprehensive range of repair products like epoxy mortars, crack fillers, and urethane mortars.

ArmorPoxy's industrial floor coatings vary significantly in thickness, offering solutions ranging from the more economical 7 mil ArmorPoxy II system to the robust Urethane Mortar High build system, which can reach up to 250 mils in thickness. This variety ensures that there is an ArmorPoxy product suitable for nearly any commercial flooring scenario, with options available to match specific performance requirements and budgetary constraints.

Job on a Pallet Kits

ArmorPoxy invented the ‘Job on a Pallet‘ kit system for easy self-installation of epoxy floors. We offer a wide variety of Job on Pallet kits for virtually all of our warehouse floor coating systems including ArmorPoxy II, ArmorUltra, and UltraFast. Each Job on a Pallet Kit includes prep/etching solution, industrial rollers and frames, mixers mixing buckets, nonskid additive, coatings and easy to follow instructions. All ArmorPoxy warehouse coatings packaging is color-coded and properly marked for easy mixing and application.

FAQ & More Information

ArmorUltra is our 3-layer 100% solids system that utilizes a 2-part epoxy primer, 100% solids highbuild epoxy mid layer and our ArmorUltra military grade protective topcoat with UltraWear nonskid additive. All ArmorPoxy warehouse floor systems are USDA approved for food area use and are highly resistant to forklift traffic and designed to last many, many years. Our warehouse floor coating systems can also be re-topcoated at any time easily and inexpensively.

ArmorPoxy II utilizes our high solids self-priming industrial grade ArmorPoxy II coating along with our ArmorUltra military grade protective topcoat and UltraWear nonskid wear additive. ArmorPoxy II is approximately 4x thicker than regular floor paint. ArmorPoxy II is available in standard and low VOC formulations (VOC regulations vary by state).

ArmorPoxy is at the forefront of innovation in surface protection and the world of nanotechnology coatings. In an era where precision and performance are paramount, nanotechnology has emerged as a game-changer in enhancing the durability and functionality of coatings. At the intersection of science and engineering, these coatings are engineered at the molecular level, harnessing the unique properties of nanoparticles to create surfaces that defy conventional limitations. From self-cleaning properties to exceptional resistance against wear and corrosion, nanotechnology coatings represent a quantum leap in the pursuit of longer-lasting, more resilient surfaces.


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