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ArmorTrak High Performance Flexible Urethane Coating

ArmorTrak: The Blend of Flexibility and Strength

ArmorTrak offers a top-tier polyurethane flexible coating that incorporates optional rubber granules, resulting in an attractive tough textured finish if desired. This unique blend of materials provides a coating solution that is both resilient and visually appealing, a rare combination in the industry.

The Chemical Curing Process: ArmorTrak’s Secret to Durability

When exposed to atmospheric moisture, ArmorTrak undergoes a chemical curing process. This process transforms it from a liquid state into a sturdy alkyd polyurethane membrane. The result? A coating with remarkable durability ready to withstand various challenges.

ArmorTrak: The Apex of Abrasion and Chemical Resistance

ArmorTrak isn’t just a flexible coating; it also boasts excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. This high-level resistance makes ArmorTrak an optimal choice for environments that require a robust, long-lasting coating solution.

Smooth or Textured: ArmorTrak’s Versatility

ArmorTrak demonstrates versatility in its offerings. It is available in both Smooth and Textured versions, with the addition of rubber grip granules enhancing the texture. This versatility allows customers to choose the version that best fits their requirements, ensuring they always get the perfect solution for their needs.

UV Inhibited for Indoor and Outdoor Use

ArmorTrak’s benefits don’t stop at its flexibility and resistance properties. It is also UV inhibited, making it a suitable solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. This feature broadens its usage possibilities, reinforcing its versatility.

ArmorTrak: The Choice of the US Navy

Armortrak’s reputation is solidified by its high-profile users, the most notable of which is the US Navy. The Navy relies on ArmorTrak for many of their boat decks, where it endures the harshest of environments, proving its resilience and reliability.



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