Floor Coating Industry – Shift Towards Green Buildings

Floor Coating Industry – Shift Towards Green Buildings

The market forecast by Acumen Research and Consulting

The demand for green buildings is increasing at a rapid rate, which complements conventional structures.  The shift towards the use of the green buildings is finding intrusion into the economy, due to several factors associated with adopting these kinds of structures. Among them include efficient utilization of energy, decreased costs of operation, proper use of water and energy, and better quality of the air. As such, polyurethane is one of the chemical components, that will find amplified use due to its beneficial characteristics. It is considered to be flexible, resistant to abrasion, corrosion and wear, thus finding wide application in houses, business structures and in flooring. To improve the appearance of the polyurethane, epoxy laminate is incorporated, which assist in coming up with an attractive final product.

According to Acumen Research and Consulting, the demand for the dual element is expected to rise, as the time progress.  Areas that would require much of the dual surfaces coating include the warehouse, industrial spaces, chemical industries, among others. The novel characteristics that will be employed in all these areas will involve simple chemistry, that entails the elimination of water and preventing corrosion. The revolution of the dual coating is expected to skyrocket in developing countries among them China, India as well as Brazil, where industrialization is happening at a speedy rate.

Wood is one of the materials that would be impacted by the growing need for floor coating. For example, water-based polyurethane can be used to improve the wood grain, thus creating a glossy finish that attracts the people. Depending on the taste of the consumers, they can choose a brilliant or matte finish that serves the purpose of the premise. Also, the growing segment of the customers is expected to grow in different countries, as the expenditure for erecting structure increases.

Findings of the Research

The forecast elucidates that Asian-pacific subjugated the flooring market industry.  As a result of industrialization, China is bulging the industry, due to the demand for green structures. Similarly, polyurethane has attracted the interest of different players, and the business people have seized the chance to create awareness through business shows.

Crucial Players and Strategies

It is projected that the competition will continue to heighten as individual companies introduce a range of products and cover wider markets. Major companies innovate to compete based on application development, within the local region. Others such as BASF have invested in research and development, to disrupt the market and remain relevant, in a market that is changing rapidly.

Therefore, the floor coating industry is growing and will continue to attract new entrants. Space is large enough to accommodate all, as nations are gearing towards green buildings. Epoxy coating products available at armorpoxy bring the solutions to flooring you need.

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