Quickly and easily repair concrete cracks with ArmorPoxy Instant Crack Repair.  Can be used on wet or immersed surfaces.
Convenient standard caulk tube cartridge that contains two innner packages that mix when used—no mixing required; includes mixing nozzle.
Creates a super very hard surface—twice as strong as concrete
Dries quickly, can be grinded in less than 30 minutes, fully cured in 2 hours; low odor, low VOCs
For interior/exterior use in mild to moderate industrial and commercial environments. Instant Crack Repair has a liquid type consistency and is not thick like a traditional caulk so cannot be applied to vertical surfaces. For larger or deeper cracks, pre fill with sand or aggregate as a ‘base’, or use foam backer rod, then apply. Sand or aggregate can also be mixed onto the wet crack filler to give more body if desired (Note:this product has a very short working time).

For Best Results use with Heavy-Duty Caulk Gun. Please note cannot be re-used, once opened the contents must be used or disposed of.

Available Sizes – 9 oz. Cartridge

Color – Gray

ArmorPoxy Instant Crack and Floor Repair is ideally suited to seal off cracks and saw-cuts to further enhance a seamless flooring environment. With the addition of aggregate, Instant Crack and Floor Repair makes a high quality spall repair product that is open to traffic or floor grinding in less than 1 hour.





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