ARMORULTRA 3 Gal Kit Military Grade Topcoat


Ultra high performance topcoat gives your floor the utmost protection against ultra-violet rays (sun) and damage from ultra-violet rays (UV), chemicals, salts, oils, acids etc. ArmorUltra is the same product used by car dealers and oil change centers to protect their floors. Coverage is 1,050-1,200 sq ft/kit. 2 component kit includes 2 gal of A & 1 gal of B. Mix together 2:1 ratio. ArmorPoxy normally matches topcoat color to base coat. Use UltraWear additive for slip resistance.
Note: ArmorPoxy recommends that when using topcoat, that you select the same color choice as your base coat. Use clear topcoat only when applying flecks or designs that you want to appear through the topcoat. See our Low odor/low V.O.C. formula too. California shipments subject to 12% additional environmental handling charge.

Can be applied direct-to-metal giving superb protection from exposure and UV and rust.

SKU: COM-321_3

Tile Red
Medium Gray
Off White
Dark Gray
Dessert Tan
Light Gray
Charcoal Gray
Light Blue
Khaki Tan
Traffic Yellow
Safety Yellow
Racing Red
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