Super heavy duty 1 component, water based densifier reacts with concrete to harden and fortify the substrate. Penetrates deep into surface making more abrasion resistant and to protect from wear and moisture, but still allowing the surface to breath. Helps to prevent freeze/thaw damage and efflorescence. Can be used on concrete, stone, precast stone, pavers, and similar porous surfaces. Ideal for floor that have moisture issues, but need treatment and can’t accept a traditional coating. Multiple coats may be applied for greater resistance. Helps to close pores in concrete and also used as a densifier for concrete polishing. Topcoat not required. Clear, slightly opaque color. May darken concrete a bit when cured. Can be sprayed with a pump-type sprayer, or mopped on.

Ideal as an economical floor sealing solution. Good for floors that see welding slag since the densifier penetrates and can’t be damaged.

Coverage 100-400 square feet/gal depending on concrete hardness and porosity. Second coats will yield greater coverage. ZERO VOC’s, ideal for where fumes or odors are an issue.

Available in 1 gal and 5 gal sizes.