Armorpoxy Cove Mortar Kit is designed to make coving for areas where floors meet walls (often required or necessary for sanitary purposes in food service and medical settings). Can be used in virtually any application where a smooth, rounded transition is required.

Each kit will include 2-part liquid Cove Epoxy Primer for priming the coving area, and aggregate with cove mortar epoxy to mix up to approximately 36 lbs of mortar material.

Once mixed Cove Mortar is applied with a curved ‘Cove Tool’ (see below).

Each kit will yield approximately 30-45 lineal feet of 4″ high cove. Smaller cove will yield more, larger cove size will yield less.  Natural sand  color. Can be coated once applied with any of our products.  Shipping weight 40 lbs./Kit.


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