FLECKS SOLD BY THE LB. (5 lb units)


Flecks are colored chips/flakes designed for use in seamless, resinous flooring systems. Flecks are are produced from pigments, resin, filler, and additives, are through-colored, random in shape, and available in a wide array of colors and sizes to provide unique texture and color to coated surfaces.

Decorative epoxy flecks available in 40+ colors. Mix and match for your desired color choices. Flecks are only sold in 5 lb increments.  Flecks are 1/4″ size approximate. Other sizes (1″, 1/2″, 1/8″ & 1/16″ available special order).

Please note: Each order is 5 lbs, so for example, a qty ordered of 2 would yield 10 lbs of flecks. Please indicate color choice in the ‘ORDER NOTES’ section on checkout page. Please note that metallic flecks, glow in dark, and neon flecks are significantly higher priced and not avail through this link. Please contact our office for pricing on metallic (silver & gold) flecks.

For a full-size chart that can be easily printed (print on glossy photo-type paper for truly accurate rendering) see Color Chart link.


Fleck Colors Additional/Supplemental Color Options


Download Attached pdf Color Chart
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