One part adhesive for Supratile Interlocking Floor Tiles.

Ideal for most applications where bonding of the Supratiles is needed. Can be used in car dealers garages, forklift areas, industrial and manufacturing areas, and any similar areas where movement  or shifting of the Supratiles is of concern.  Ideal for use in garages where there is extensive sun exposure that can cause tile expansion and buckling.

One-part formulation requires no mixing. 100% solids super low VOC. Very low odor and can be used indoors. Not for outdoor use.

Not for uses where extensive moisture or water may be present such as wash-down areas, firehouses, etc. For these applications please contact Armorpoxy for special products for this type of use.

5 gallon size covers approximately 90 square feet/gallon (450 square feet/pail). Note that coverage can vary based on substrate texture and finish.  Applies with standard 1/8″ notched trowel. Working time for open container 30-60 minutes. Tiles can be adjusted for 1-2 hours depending on conditions.  Recommended application temperature 50-90 deg F. Can be applied to various substrates including plywood and similar underlayments, concrete, terrazzo, etc.

Manufactured for Armorpoxy by Mapei.