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Armor Liquid Membrane - Liquid Rubber Coating

  • Interior/exterior waterproofing coating
  • Easy to apply coating
  • Anti fracture membrane coating - foot traffic
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Product Details

Armor Liquid Membrane is a unique, easy to apply rubber-like coating that can be applied to virtually any surface and creates an incredible water-resistant barrier that prevents water and moisture intrusion.

Ideal for balconies, decks, patios, steps, porches, basements (floors and walls), pools, ponds, and any other surface that needs full water and moisture protection.  Armor Liquid Membrane is like a liquid rubber and can be applied to concrete, wood, stone, metal, tile, fiberglass, roofs, RV’s, cladding, blocks and almost any other surface. Can be fully submerged and used below grade. Safe for fish, plants, potable water, and saltwater use!  Can be used to hold back water on basement walls up to 10 psi. Ideal for surfaces that are leaking to areas below due to age, cracking, and building movement and areas that are leaking above conditioned spaces or areas below the surface, and to prevent water intrusion. Even leaking pools can be sealed! This product is fully UV stable and can be used for a variety of outdoor applications. This product is designed to be applied in thin multiple coats.

Upgrade the Liquid Membrane system with ArmorShield Polyurethane topcoat (vehicle rated) which can be applied directly over the Liquid Membrane for extra protection. A minimum of 2 coats is recommended.

Leaking tiled decks and balconies…problem solved!

Test a SAMPLE that covers 25 – 50 square feet of the Armor Liquid Membrane!

Armor Liquid Membrane stretches up to 300% without tearing! Will bridge small cracks without issue. Larger cracks can be treated by using along with our Fabric Reinforcement alone or with a combination mixed with sand to create a flexible slurry patch. There is almost no application that cannot be fixed with Armorpoxy Liquid Membrane.

Armor Liquid Membrane is applied with brush, roller or spray. Any type of airless sprayer with a tip size of 17-21 and a PSI of 2500min-3300 max can be used for spraying application. Normally a minimum of two coats are required, and additional coats can be applied for added protection. Low VOC, almost no odor and safe for indoor use. Dries in one hour per coat @ 72 deg F, full curing strength 2-7 days depending on condition. Nonskid aggregate can be broadcast while wet to reduce slippage. We suggest additional coat over aggregate if used.

Coverage is 300 SF (porous surfaces) - 450 SF (non-porous surfaces) per gal. 2x coat minimum is required. Available in 14 colors including semi-clear. Please note that colors are somewhat translucent, and may require multiple coats to achieve full color coverage. Lead times 7-10 business days. Please ensure to apply this product in thin multiple coats. If applied too thick, the liquid membrane will remain tacky. This product is not meant to be applied in heavy coats. Tacky surfaces with the Liquid Membrane are often a result of the first coat being applied fairly thick as this traps moisture. Since the Liquid Membrane has a very low permeability, it releases moisture very slow. If you apply a thick coat, it dries from top to bottom, meaning the top might feel dry to the touch but the bottom is still wet which results in trapped moisture. This would become worse when you apply a second coat which then adds another layer. To avoid this ensure to apply in mutiple thin coats! Perform a pressure test or thumb imprint prior to proceeding with the next coat to ensure the first coat is dry enough to recoat. If there is no imprint you are good to coat!

NEW** Now available in 5 Gal quantities. For 25+ Gal orders please contact our office for discounted quotes.



Container Size

Pint, 1 Gal, 5 Gal


Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor / Outdoor

Commercial / Residential

Commercial / Residential

Application/Installation Method

Roller, Squeegee, Spray On, Brush On

Water Protection


Substrate/Surface Material

Wood, metal, concrete, fiberglass

DIY Friendly


Dry To Touch Time

25 to 30 minutes at 72°F

Min Optimal Temp


Max Optimal Temp


UV Resistant


Water Compatibility


Time before Recoating

1-2 hours

Coating Type

Waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane


1300% elongation


Excees ANSI 118.10 waterproofing standard. Protects your substrate from long term water damage

Additional Info


Biege Tuscan
Light Blue
Light Brown
Light Brown
Light Gray
Medium Gray


TDS & Instructions


Armor Liquid Membrane covers 100-150 square feet per gallon on porous surfaces. and 200-250 square feet per gallon on non-porous surfaces.

Each coat cures in one hour, but full curing strength may be reached anywhere between 2-7 days, depending on external conditions.

Safe for fish, plant produce and saltwater use

Can be applied on Concrete, Wood, Stone, Tiles, Interior&Exterior Cladding, Metal&Aluminium, Drywall boards, ICF blocks, RV Roofs

Yes! It's a one part coating that can be rolled on or sprayed on. Used by thousands of DIYers and professional contractors every year.

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