Commercial Floor Finishing

Commercial Floor Finishing

Commercial airplane hanger flooring

Commercial floors need strong protection and high quality coatings to keep the surface in solid shape so accidents don’t happen and the floor is sturdy enough to support everyday work loads. From factory and warehouse floors to commercial hangars and restaurant kitchens floors these heavy traffic surfaces are under constant pressure from people and equipment and need solid, heavy duty coverings and epoxy coatings to preserve the surface so it is safe and usable.

Ensuring your commercial facility has safe floors in good condition is paramount to having a successful business enterprise. From being able to handle heavy pay loads and withstanding chemical spills and moisture that can cause mildew and rot your commercial floor needs to stay solid and firm so employees and products are safe. Fault flooring or floors that have been chipped enough to have pieces breaking off are not only unsafe it can quickly lead to a major problem with the entire floor foundation which could shut the whole operation down.

There are a number of strong, high quality epoxy flooring products you can use to protect and preserve commercial floors that are specially made for metal, wood, tile, linoleum and even wood. Extra strong epoxy kits can be found for specialty floors including hospitals, health care facilities, show rooms and restaurants so you get the protection you need for the environment you work in.

Commercial floor epoxy systems often come in convenient kits, sometimes called “job on a pallet” since everything you’ll need fits easily on one commercial pallet. Commercial floor epoxy kits include epoxy coating, reusable buckets, special brushes, protective topcoat, mixing sticks, roller pad, application squeegee and gloves. Depending on the size of the project and the particular epoxy system you choose pallets can vary in size and contents.

With a strong, high grade commercial floor finish you can feel better knowing your employees, products and equipment are all operating on a safe and solid floor surface that will stand the test of time and heavy traffic.

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