The world famous 9-11 Memorial Mueseum located in downtown New York City contacted Armorpoxy to help fix their floors. The museum, while only opening in 2014 was experiencing a difficulty in keeping the polished concrete floors clean economically on a daily basis due to the millions of visitors that come each month (to date, over 14,000.000 visitors have visited the museum). This problem became especially apparent during the winter months when ice and snow melting residue was tracked in by the patrons. In addition the museum floor which is suspended had developed some cracks which were unsightly and collecting dirt.

After consultations with Museum officials and staff, several test areas were coated with a number of Armorpoxy Products to determine the best look, had low odor, and was the easiest to keep clean.

Upon evaluation of the test areas, a special hybrid single component polyuria coating SPGX with UltraWear skid resistant wear additive was selected. The floors were ground with large diamond grinders and HEPA vacuums to minimize any dust to the exhibits. Armorpoxy also supplied a special 2-part polyurea crack filler that was color-matched to the existing concrete floor color. All cracks were cleaned out, and filled. The Museum also cut in ‘saw cuts’ which were filled with this same material to allow the slab to move a bit and to reduce/eliminate any future cracking.

Our next challenge was to figure out how to coat the floor at night after the museum closed at 9pm, and to be able to re-route pedestrian traffic around the coated areas to allow for sufficient cure time, but still be able to allow full functioning of security screening, access to ticket windows,  and handicap access.  Over twenty ‘traffic’ proposals were considered until a final pedestrian traffic pattern was chosen which allowed Armorpoxy to do the work in only two phases which minimized disruption and inconvenience.

The job was completed in the early part of 2015 to the complete satisfaction of the museum.

Click on the photos to see the final results.

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Armor Renew Wood Deck Coating

img_9445-300x200-1Armor Renew Wood Deck Coating: With summer just around the corner now is the time to start thinking about repairing that worn deck. If you have a wood deck chances are weather, time and other outdoor hazards have taken a toll on the surface and exterior. Still, you want to entertain during the summer months with BBQ’s and outdoor parties and having a solid, sturdy and attractive wood deck is essential to enjoying the season. Save time and money by using Armor Poxy’s unique Armor Renew lifetime deck coating to get your deck into shape and looking great. 

Wood is a durable material but rain, wind, excessive UV light, snow, sleet and tree sap can all combine to gradually wear the wood down and cause splintering, cracks and rot. Once this occurs the deck can very quickly become unsafe for use and a major liability on your property. Rather than spend a fortune replacing the entire deck consider using Armor Renew Wood Deck Coating to achieve a “like new” look and solid surface coating that will keep your deck safe from outdoor hazards, cover minor imperfections on the wood and provide a slip-resistant surface that is perfect for outdoor entertaining. 

Armor Renew Wood Deck Coating is a specially formulated environmentally safe liquid coating that you apply to your deck to restore the original look and feel. The 1-part water based coating is specially designed for wood surfaces and acts to “stick” on the surface rather than be soaked in to the wood. Armor Renew can be used on wood surfaces that have suffered minor damage from moisture, UV light, crack and mold. 

Simply clean your deck with a thorough hosing or using a power wash spray. Roll on the first coat of Armor Renew Wood Deck Coating using a special foam roller and then wait approximately 3-4 hours. Apply a second coat and wait for it to dry overnight. It really is that easy. Using Armor Renew Wood Deck Coating rather than replacing a wood deck can save you up to 90% in costs, money you can then use to buy food and drinks for your official summer kick-off BBQ on your beautifully restored wood deck. 

Storing Cars & Trucks in Winter

gd10When seasonal weather turns foul it’s time to start thinking about which vehicles you really want exposed to rain, snow, sleet and heavy wind. If you have a garage or basement that can fit a car or truck then you have the ideal place to store a valuable vehicle during fall and winter. However, if that garage or basement floor is in bad shape or needs repair then it becomes more of a liability than a shelter. Keep your garage or basement floor in terrific shape with high quality floor epoxy kits so you can count on it to help protect your car or truck. 

A premier 100% solids epoxy flooring system is all you really need to keep a basement or garage floor in great shape. However you can also choose to have interlocking tile laid down or a secure PVC rubber flooring system installed. Interlocking PVC tiles are ideal fore light commercial use but are also a good idea for trucks with larger tires and off road vehicles such as jeeps, ATV’s and motorcycles. A PVC rubber flooring system is a good idea when you have a garage or basement floor that is too worn or cracked to adequately cover with a standard epoxy floor system.

The rugged and durable features of garage floor epoxy paints and flooring systems make it ideal for storing cars and trucks during the winter. Not only does your vehicle rest on a secure and tough surface but it is also a great place to perform routine maintenance and even light repairs. Strong garage floor epoxy systems and PVC tile can withstand liquid spills, dropped tools and heavy equipment so you can turn your garage or basement into a mini-repair shop during foul weather or year round. 

If a garage floor or basement can’t be coated with a floor epoxy paint because of moisture, oil or contaminant issues then you should use a PVC tile or rubber coating system to cover the floor. With a pure proprietary blend PVC featuring a solid design and waterproof, interlocking teeth PVC tiles are just as tough and durable as epoxy paints when it comes to garage flooring. You can also find PVC tiles made of ultra-thick polypropylene that provide a quick, economical solution to car and SUV storage during the winter months. 

Seasonal Roof Coating

roof22When foul weather begins to turn cold and nasty protection is needed for residential and commercial homes and buildings that can keep roofs safe from ice, sleet, rain, snow and high winds. Most foul weather, summer or winter, includes water and moisture but in the winter that problem is increased due to ice forming and then melting over long periods of time. Protecting apartment building tar roofs and business metal roofs is easy to do and with a liquid rubber roof coating or even shingle coating sealing kit you can have your residential or commercial roof protected in no time.

Commercial buildings and apartment complexes and condos often have flat roofs that are covered in tar, bare metal or rubber. Keeping these roofs protected with a liquid rubber coating system is recommended to ensure that any leaks or soft spots are taken care of before snow and sleet begin piling up in winter. What starts out as a small leak can easily turn into a severe damage problem after heavy rains or a sever snow storms. Keep your business or commercial property safe from water damage and other common weather hazards by providing a high quality liquid rubber coating to effectively seal off the roof and keep everything underneath safe and dry.

You can find commercial roofing systems in liquid copolymer rubber based formulas, acrylic low odor formulations and a clear 55% solids acrylic version that can be used on skylights and windows. There is also a liquid rubber roof coating system in white for commercial buildings in warmer climates that are at risk for prolonged UV exposure and heat. Using a white color roofing paint for coating can reflect up to 89% of the thermal heat and 82% of the solar/UV spectrum that can in turn reduce energy bills by up to 40%.

For residential homes that feature non-flat roofs and shingles you can use a clear glaze waterproofing sealer system that protect and rejuvenate shingles. A 100% acrylic roofing sealer will be able to penetrate porous surfaces and provide top-notch film formation on a variety of shingle materials including asphalt, fiberglass, wood, plywood, galvanized steel, brick and stucco. Not only do shingle sealers keep out moisture but it also protects against mildew and fungi formation that can occur during foul weather and from seasonal leaf collecting. Shingle coating systems also help to prevent shingles from curling and cracking, a common problem when shingles are wet from rain or melting ice. You can add multiple coats of a shingle sealer system to increase the glossy sheen of the shingles. 

Roofing Paint

roof22Protecting roofs is a key component to extending the life of any commercial building or residential home. Almost as important as foundations and far more risk prone a roof needs to be properly coated and treated to withstand the elements, intense sunlight exposure and curling or cracking rubber materials and shingles. Luckily there are a number of high-quality commercial grade roofing paints and products to protect your business or home.

Protecting a flat commercial roof that one could find on a warehouse or factory is best done with what is called “liquid rubber” which is an electrometric copolymer based liquid that is specially formulated for elongation, tensile strength, UV resistance and weathering qualities. A flexible membrane material liquid rubber adheres well to wood, metal, EPMD, APP, TPO, Hypalon and even asphalt-based roofs. Liquid rubber acts to protect and waterproof commercial roofs and can also be used to recoat RV and trailer roofs that are worn, decayed or even leaking. Liquid rubber roofing paints act much like paint and can be applied just as easy with rollers and brushes.

For residential home roofs a good choice of coating is clear glaze waterproofing sealer. Using a 100% acrylic sealer will help penetrate porous surfaces and provide excellent film formation on most shingle materials and roofing including asphalt, fiberglass, wood, plywood, clapboard, primed metal and galvanized steel. In addition to being waterproof and a solid coating to fill in cracks and leaks an acrylic sealer will also protect against fungi, mildew and various outdoor debris. Acrylic roofing paints can rejuvenate almost any roof surface and the more layers that are applied the glossier shingles will look in natural light. The specially formulated paint seals in roofing granules which helps to prevent any further degradation to the roof shingle surface.

Residential Flooring

Whether you need a high quality epoxy floor system for an indoor garage or basement or an all weather coating system for outdoor patios and pools Armor Poxy has an unmatched selection of superior garage and concrete floor paints that are easy to use, dry fast and provide years of sturdy protection for the original surface. Available in a great selection of colors with the option to add unique flecks for a custom look the Armor Poxy line up that includes ArmorClad, ArmorTile, ArmorStone and ArmorCarpet are sure to provide you with the most durable and safest residential epoxy flooring system you can buy.

An indoor garage or basement should never be neglected. Over time cracks that seem small can start to spread and cause further erosion and damage to the surface. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have no choice but to replace the entire floor. Using the high quality residential epoxy flooring systems from Armor Poxy can save you a lot of money in the long run by providing a multilayer coating that will not only improve the look of your garage or basement floor but keep it in great condition. The ArmorClad complete 100% solids epoxy flooring kit is proven to be 12 times stronger than standard water based garage paints and with the thicker epoxy comes faster drying times and a finely finished surface that will last for years.

Outside floors are also in need of strong protection from foul weather, cracking granite or stone and constant foot traffic. Patios, decks, pools and walkways can all use a sturdy coating to keep it looking good and safe for you and your family to walk on. Armor Poxy’s ArmorStone premier flooring epoxy systems is a high quality, heavy duty product that is made from actual ground stone that is embedded in a special application liquid. This unique roll-on-stone system is perfect for outdoor stone steps, patios and walkways and can also be used indoors on locker room and pool house floors. With the added option to tint your ArmorStone epoxy any color you can provide a matching floor epoxy system for any shade of stone.

Residential Floor Repair

ultraf11There are probably certain floors in your home that probably undergo more wear and tear than other floors and because of this it are important that they are maintained properly. Floors that may see more wear and tear include garages, basements, and possibly even decks or porches. If you happen to find that any of these floors or similar surfaces have been damaged it is important to repair them quickly so the damage doesn’t spread.

By investing in an ArmorPoxy floor repair kit you can rest assured that you are getting a product that will keep your home looking great at a low cost. ArmorPoxy products can be used to repair a variety of floors but it is important to conduct research ahead of time and discover which floors you can use ArmorPoxy products on. For example you obviously cannot use an ArmorPoxy epoxy coating on your carpet or hardwood flooring but it will look great in your garage or basement.

Some may be hesitant about using ArmorPoxy for residential floor repair either because they think the results will be undesirable or it will be a hard task. But reviewing our site you will find that the results are beautiful and each kit will come with detailed instructions to help you along.

By putting in a day or two of work with your ArmorPoxy kit you will have beautiful new floors at your home in no time at all. By evaluating your home along with the products we offer you will be able to determine which products will be right for which rooms in your home. It is important to feel confident about your home and ArmorPoxy can instill that confidence after you have repaired the floors in your home. So start searching today and find the product that will help you repair your floors and create something beautiful in your home.

Refinishing Granite Surfaces

blue_counterGranite surfaces, both indoor and outdoor, have a rugged look that is great for patios, stairs, table tops and counters. The rustic look of stone and the textured surface create a distinct look that can accentuate traditional and contemporary decor. Coating and refinishing granite surfaces is easy to do and gives you several options for custom finishes that will match the unique look you have planned for your home.

Cleaning, sealing, polishing and finishing are all necessary to keeping granite surfaces looking great. When left untreated this great surface material can become cracked, worn and faded, especially if outdoors and then pieces can start to break off. But with a strong basecoat primer and epoxy refinishing kit you can keep counter tops, table tops, columns and other granite surfaces in mint condition.

Granite surfaces are known for their imperfections and cinder block walls, patios and pool enclosures have common problems with cracks and holes and with the right epoxy finishing kit you can add terrific camouflaging properties that will hide minor blemishes and leave the surface looking smooth and polished. Prior to applying any finishing product to a granite surface it is recommended that the surface area be cleaned first to remove any loose debris.

Then you will want to decide whether you want a rolled, sponged or sprayed appearance. Different rollers can be used to produce different textures and depending on the decor theme of your home or office you will want to match the granite surface with other room furnishings. You can also select custom epoxy finishing colors including celestial blue, moonstone, onyx and charcoal slate that will add a chic and textured tone to your granite surface.

Once you’ve applied a high quality granite epoxy finishing coat to your granite surface then it is up to you to preserve the granite surface by not using harmful spray cleaners that are not meant for stone. Using the wrong types of cleaners on granite can permanently dull and fade the stone making it near impossible to restore a healthy shine and luster. Choose cleaners that are specifically designed to safely clean stone and granite surfaces and your refinishing job should last a long time.

Protecting Patios in Winter

as2Through the spring, summer, and fall your patio likely sees quite a bit of use but with winter quickly on its way you may be preparing to call it quits for a few months and spend more time indoors. But just because you won’t be using your patio doesn’t mean it ceases to exist and needs the proper maintenance that you would give it through the rest of the year. You may not be able to sweep and clean it every day or even every week with the mounds of snow that fall in the winter but you can take proactive preventative measures to ensure that your patio or deck stays in great condition through the winter regardless of all of that frozen precipitation.

Whether your patio is made of cement, wood, or a similar material the chances are likely that they can be ruined by moisture after prolonged exposure. If you want to ensure that your patio is great condition after the snow melts and the sun comes out then you may want to consider applying our waterproof coating to your patio before the snow strikes. Not only will your patio or deck be able to repel the moisture through the winter but you will be adding years onto the life of your patio. This small investment that you make with a patio coating before winter will save you the time and money in the future that it would cost to replace your patio all together.

Our products that are used to protect patios and decks are incredibly simple to apply if you have ever painted before and are typically applied using a roller. So don’t let your patio incur extensive damage through the winter months, instead contact us today to find out about the products that we offer that could be a solution for you. Your patio is a place for you to retire to at the end of a long day, a place for you to celebrate with your family, and a place to just generally enjoy your life so make sure that it stays in great condition this winter so you can spend more time enjoying life and less time performing patio repair.

Protecting Boats in Winter

ap3Whether you own a recreational sail boat or seasonal commercial fishing vessel you will need to ensure it stays in seaworthy shape when it is stored in the winter months. Unless you have the deep pockets to afford a covered dry dock or temporary garage your boat will most likely stay in the water where it is susceptible to foul weather, freezing temperatures, storms, barnacles and other ocean hazards. Providing a high quality layer of marine boat epoxy paint can make a huge difference in whether or not your unveiling next season is a good day or a bust.

When using marine boat epoxy paint on a vessel, remember there are two varieties for above the surface and bottom section application. Obviously the bottom part of a boat that is in the water 100% of the time will need a stronger marine epoxy paint to handle the condition of being constantly submerged. Consequently above surface marine systems and deck paints can be a simple 1-part epoxy to provide year-round protection for center consoles, decks and surfaces made of wood, fiberglass and metal.

Today marine epoxy paints are so advanced all a boat owner needs to do is apply the paint to the surface area allow to dry and the store the boat. Marine deck paints feature epoxy solids that are self-leveling so as long as you give the surface area a thorough paint job all nooks and crannies of your boat will be covered with a high quality marine paint

For below the water line surfaces you will need a stronger epoxy paint than you would use for the deck or above water surfaces. Boat bottom coating paints provide special ablative copper technologies to produce a self-cleaning surface coating that will protect against algae, rust, scale and barnacles. Again, unless you can afford a dry dock where your boat will be out of the water for extended periods of time you will need to protect the bottom with a durable, high quality epoxy paint to ensure common ocean hazards don’t pile up to cause leaks and damage.