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ArmorRoof Commercial Roof Coating is a revolutionary line of roof coating products that protect and waterproof your roof against all elements. Also great for RV Roof Coating. Available in traditional solvent based or acrylic versions, or advanced 100% liquid silicone (ArmorRoof Silcon).

ArmorRoof High Performance Roofing Products Add Years of Life to your Existing Roof and Can Save Thousands on Cooling Costs.


ArmorRoof Commercial Roof Coating is a revolutionary line liquid rubber roof coating products. Armor Roof Commercial Roof Coatings roll on like paint and act like a liquid rubber membrane that protect and waterproof your roof against all elements. Armor Roof Commercial Roof Coatings are available in standard Solvent and Acrylic versions. These coatings are easily applied with rollers and/or squeegees and require two thinner coats. We also offer matching mastic/patch compounds for pre-treating problem areas, and caulking around pipes, curbs, vents, skylights, etc.

ArmorRoof Commercial is available in 3 versions:

  • ArmorRoof #ARM814X (most popular) and economical formulation is an elastometric liquid copolymer rubber based liquid that is formulated for excellent elongation, tensile strength and UV resistance, and exceptional weathering characteristics. This flexible membrane is resistant to ozone and has excellent low temperature flexibility. Recommend and will adhere to wood, metal, EPDM, APP, TPO and Hypalon. Note: ArmorRoof can be used on Asphalt based roof systems, but you may experience slight ‘bleed through’ of the tar through the ArmorRoof. More noticeable with lighter colors. This is a cosmetic issue and will not affect performance. Non-tar based roof systems will not bleed through. ArmorRoof, roof coating solutions is also available with embedded rubber granules for roofs with foot traffic (coverage is less per gallon due to much heavier thickness). The version w/ the rubber granules must be troweld on or rolled on with slight thinning. Call or email for details. 10 year warranty (2 coats). Available in a variety of colors, and packed in 2.5 gal, 5 gal and 50 gal drums. Not suitable for ponding water problems. See below for tech data. 


  • ArmorRoof ARM814RX Similar to our standard 814, but contains embedded rubber granules for walking, and to avoid roof damage from foot traffic and other objects. Perfect for outdoor roof decks and roof walkways for service around hvac equipment. Less coverage due to its thick application. Applies with a squeegee. Not suitable for ponding water problems.


  • ArmorRoof Acrylic ARM811X. This version of ArmorRoof is used on metal pitched roofs and foam sprayed roofs. Acrylic, low odor formulation. Energy Star rated for energy savings and efficiency.  65% solids. Maximum warranty 10 years (2 coats). This roof coating is available in white, beige or other colors. Call or email for pricing and ordering.


  • ArmorRoof Clear Acrylic ARM813X A clear version used on skylights and windows for water sealing leakage. This roof coating can be applied with a brush or roller. 55% solids acrylic formulation. Call or email for pricing and ordering. 5 year warranty.

ArmorRoof Silicon 100% Silicone Roof Coating 

11-Year Warranty. ArmorRoof Silcon-PW is a revolutionary 100% SILICONE flexible roof coating with the ability to handle ponding water!

Formulated from industrial grade silicone resins Silcon-PW is the industry’s leading roof coating system that can be easily user-applied in a single application eliminating the need for multiple coats, and the need to ‘find’ two days of clear weather.  Silcon-PW can handle getting rained on within 2-3 hours of application since it starts to ‘skim’ as it cures and will not be damaged by rain prior to full curing.

Silcon-PW can be applied to virtually ANY type of roof material including built-up type,  granulated cap sheet, asphalt shingles, well-adhered acrylic, EPDM, concrete, metal, sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam and various membrane roofing.

Another benefit of Silcon-PW is that it can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees F! (40 degrees is preferred, but it will cure even if applied at 35 degrees)

Silcon-PW an handle virtually any amount of ponding water (make sure to always check with your structural engineers and/or architects and local building code authorities as Armorpoxy cannot be responsible for damage to property caused by the weight of standing water. Water weighs 8.3 lbs/gallon so the weight of standing water on a roof can be very significant).

Easily applied with a brush,  roller and/or squeegee, no special skills are needed to apply.  Generally applied at  50 sq. ft/gal (1 x 5 gal pail per 250 sq ft) which gives a thickness of approximately 28 mils cured. Silcon-PW costs more/sq foot than our standard ArmorRoof, but goes on as a single coat resulting in significant labor savings. Please note that for cost savings Silcon-PW can be used on problematic ponding water areas, and the standard ArmorRoof Liquid Rubber can be used on the balance of the roof surface. Silcon-PW can be sprayed by using the sprayable version (minimum order 55 gal drums) and designated spray equipment. Call or email for information.

Silcon-PW remains very flexible and will move with roof and building movement or expansion/contraction to significantly reduce the chance of cracking or future leaks developing. Will not get hard and dry out like tar-based products or elastometrics. White color reflects 90% of UV rays and heat away from the roof keeping your roof 20-30 degrees cooler in the sun which reduces cooling costs significantly.

Silcon-PW is also available in a ‘Butter Grade’ Silcon-PW-BG, which has the consistency of warm butter and is thicker than the standard version and can be used for flashing around pipes, vents, parapit walls, a/c curbs, skylights, seams, screws, etc. Silcon-PW-BG is color matched to your color choice for a neat, clean appearance.

Standard colors include white, light gray and black. Additional colors are available, and custom colors can be made (250 gallon minimum/additional charges apply, contact us for details, pricing, lead times). Packaged in 1, 5 & 55 gal sizes. Please call or email for discounts on larger projects over 1,000 square feet.

ArmorRoof Shingle Sealer Roof Coating

ArmorRoof Shingle Sealer is a clear glaze waterproofing shingle sealer that rejuvenates shingles. Armor Roof Shingle Sealer seals, protects and adds significant water resistance. Armor Roof Shingle Sealer is a 100% acrylic sealer that is designed to penetrate porous surfaces and provide excellent film formation on all kinds of asphalt shingles and roofing including asphalt, fiberglass, wood, plywood, clapboard, primed metal, urethane, Styrofoam, polyester, brick, stucco, masonry and most other roofing surfaces. Armor Roof Shingle Sealer protects your roof against mildew and fungi formation and helps to prevent dirt pick up. ArmorRoof Shingle Sealer will add 50% more life span to your existing shingle roof. Helps to keep granular surface intact, reduces edge curling and peeling and improves general appearance and dirt resistance. Super easy to apply with a standard garden-type pump sprayer. Additional coats can be added for increased protection, and the product can be re-applied at any time in the future to extend even further original shingle life.

ArmorRoof Colors

Tile Red


Shadow Gray

Sky Gray

Safety Yellow

Blue 4820



Dark Blue


Dark Green

Light Tan

What is ArmorRoof Roofing?
ArmorRoof Commercial Roof Coating is an innovative roofing solution that protects and waterproofs your commercial roofs against every potentially harmful element. It is available in solvent-based, acrylic versions, or 100% liquid silicone.
Why is ArmorRoof Good?
ArmorRoof is an excellent roofing solution that imparts longevity to the roof and keeps the cooling costs down. It’s premium formulations in different types waterproof the roof and protect it against destructive natural elements. It’s perfect for roof shingle sealer, commercial, residential, & RV Roof coating.
How expensive is ArmorRoof?
The exact cost of ArmorRoof depends upon the version and base you are using for your commercial roofing system. A container of ArmRoof liquid rubber roof coating starts from $269.00 for 2.5 GAL (no rubber granules), 5GAL PAIL acrylic roof coating starts from $409, and 5GAL shingles clear for $399. For precise pricing, check the listed products.
How long does ArmorRoof last?
ArmorRoof guarantees for 12 years, your roofs and properties will stay in their prime condition. With proper maintenance in basic cleanliness, you can extend this lifetime up to 15-20 years.
Is ArmorRoof waterproof?
ArmorRoofs coatings provide you protection against leaks throughout the life of the coating. These high-quality rubber-based products have the best vapor transmission ratings and UV resistance.
Is ArmorRoof worth it?
ArmorRoof coatings ensure excellent roofs for a very long period (guarantee of 12 years). Their innovative formulation reduces your energy cost, eliminates frequent maintenance cost, and gives a lower cost of ownership.