ArmorUltra 100% Solids 3-Layer Industrial Floor Coating System

ArmorUltra: The Affordable Solution

ArmorUltra Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating offers you an opportunity to save up to 80% compared to a contractor-installed epoxy floor. This cost-effectiveness, combined with its exceptional performance, makes ArmorUltra a highly sought-after solution in the world of industrial floor coatings.

The Complete System: An All-In-One Package

ArmorUltra isn’t just an epoxy floor coating—it’s a complete system designed to meet all your project needs. Packaged with everything necessary for your project, ArmorUltra delivers convenience and performance in one package, eliminating the need for additional purchases.

Job On A Pallet Program: All You Need in One Kit

Our Job On A Pallet Program encapsulates everything you need to transform your industrial floor. This comprehensive kit includes our prep/etching solution concentrate, ArmorUltra primer, ArmorUltra Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating, ArmorUltra Topcoat, UltraWear high wear nonskid additive, as well as essential tools such as industrial rollers, roller frames, calibrated notched squeegees, spiked shoes for walking on wet epoxy, and power mix attachments.

ArmorUltra: Your One-Stop Shop for Industrial Floor Coating

With ArmorUltra, there’s no need to look elsewhere or worry about missing any essential components for your project. It includes everything you need except labor. All you need to do is call or email our office for details, and we’ll ensure that everything arrives at your doorstep, ready to transform your space.

ArmorUltra is our super high-performance 3-layer coating system that uses a 2 part epoxy primer, 2-part 100% solids high build epoxy coating and ArmorUltra 2 part military grade protective topcoat.

ArmorUltra Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating will NOT shrink while curing like most other floor coatings since there are no water or solvents to evaporate out of it and cause shrinkage. This unique industrial coating product contains 100% military grade epoxy resins (most floor coatings are either water or solvent based). ArmorUltra Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating cures and dries to a rock hard finish. After curing, ArmorUltra Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating has a mirror-like high gloss finish (Note, use of nonskid additives will de-gloss slightly). ArmorUltra Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating is ideal for locations where ‘down time’ needs to be minimized and for the most demanding floor applications where the longer life can justify higher material costs (ArmorUltra System uses almost 3x the amount of materials than other systems). ArmorUltra 2-part epoxy paint can be applied to most floor surfaces such as wood, concrete, and metal (primer may be required).

ArmorUltra is available in several different versions including standard version, high acid/chemical resistant versions, flexible epoxy versions for floors that may have some movement or for trailers and such, low-temperature versions, super fast drying versions (UltraFast), and ‘Orange Peel’ textured version.

ArmorUltra industrial floor paint can be specified as standard solid color versions, decorative broadcast fleck styles, and even beautiful metallic epoxy versions. Available in ten standard colors, or we can tint to virtually any color you specify (additional lead time and costs apply).

ArmorUltra is available in LEED certified versions for very low VOC installations. Please contact our office for details and submittal data.


Kit Builder

Build your floor today by entering your square footage, choose your color, and see the total invoice for your project!

Base colors

Tile Red


Med. Gray

Light Gray

Dark Gray

Charcoal Gray

Off White

Light Blue




Desert Tan

Khaki Tan


Traffic Yellow

Safety Yellow

Installation Video - ArmorUltra System

What is a 3 layer epoxy floor like?
An ArmorUltra 3-layer Industrial Epoxy floor coating leaves a mirror-like high gloss finish. It’s UV, chemical, and erosion resistant to the floor.
Are 3 layer epoxy flooring systems expensive?
ArmorUltra is one of the best choices for a super chemical and industrial multi-layered epoxy floor. ArmorUltra is not expensive when you compare the system to a contractor-installed floor.
Can I install ArmorUltra epoxy system myself?
Yes, you can, ArmorUltra epoxy system comes in a ready-to-install job on pallet kit, which takes care of every little thing that you might require for epoxy flooring installation.
How do I install ArmorUltra flooring system?
You can check the prep and installation instructions for the ArmorUltra job on a pallet system. You will need prep and coating solutions, mixers, liners, frames, special rollers, spiked shoes, non-skid additives, etc. Everything is included in your master kit, along with step-by-step instructions for easy installation. You can also call ArmorPoxy for free and unlimited technical support.
What tools do I need to install ArmorUltra system?
ArmorUltra system kit includes all the tools needed to install an epoxy flooring system: Etch solution, 2-part industrial epoxy primer, 100% solids high build ArmorUltra epoxy, military-grade protective topcoat, high wear non-skid powdered metal wear additive, power mixers, mixing bucket with liner, 18″ industrial roller frames, 18″ epoxy roller covers, calibrated notched squeegee for application of the high build epoxy, spiked shoes, and complete instructions. You also get unlimited customer support to navigate you through the process.
Choosing the right flooring system?
Choosing the right flooring system depends on a lot of factors. Moisture exposure, condition of the floor, the purpose of industrial flooring (type of industry), budget, and degree of post-work maintenance required are some basic prerequisites of choosing your flooring.