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BallistiX coatings are engineered for extreme durability and protection, offering a robust solution for surfaces exposed to harsh conditions. These high-performance coatings are ideal for industrial environments, providing superior resistance to abrasion, impacts, and chemicals. 

BallistiX resists virtually all petroleum products, brake cleanes, Skydrol, acids, chemicals and tire marks. The BallistiX system is tailored to provide a long-lasting, stunningly beautiful, durable, sustainable, odor-free and chemical-resistant finish. It is designed to provide long-term protection from abrasive wear, microbial growth, odor, and chemical attack. Heat resistant up to 1,200 degrees, over 4X the heat resistance of epoxy! Prevents staining and marking, and makes cleaning and maintenance MUCH easier and lower cost.

BallistiX is the first product that allows polished concrete to be used in automotive, food service, and chemical-type environments since it is fully resistant to almost anything that can fall on it. Ideal replacement for ‘grind & seal’ projects, eliminates the need for ‘stain guard’ on polished concrete, prevents tire marking from high performance tires on urethane and polyaspartic floors, and thousands of other uses.

BallistiX is 100% UV stable and won’t yellow, and will help to prevent discoloration from UV on anything it is applied to and is naturally NON-SKID.

Easy to apply with minimal surface prep. Most applications just require cleaning with our 99% alcohol on microfiber mop, and then spraying BallistiX on with a pump type sprayer and then a light microfiber mop. Additional prep, if required, just use a floor buffer and the proper pad for the application sold by Armorpoxy. Available in gloss or satin finishes.

BallistiX is an extremely versatile flooring solution that has many benefits and application use cases: 

  • Unparalleled protection against spalling, pitting, erosion and chemical damage
  • Prevents mold and mildew food sources of organic materials
  • Reduces saponifying action of water and alkali resulting in premature or accelerated erosion
  • Repels chemicals to prevent staining and disfiguring
  • Clean-ability, anti-graffiti
  • Non-slip (wet slip coefficient >0.80)
  • Mold/mildew protection
  • Color enhancement
  • Impregnating “wet look” sealer on dull or matte surfaces such as for pool decks, pavers, sidewalks and more
  • Non-film forming clear siloxane water repellent for water and stain

It’s longer-lasting because BallistiX chemically utilizes EcoSmart coatings which offers several advantages to a business. BallistiX coating provides an impenetrable barrier to damaging elements such as UV radiation, salt air, acid rain, and smog or dirt. Ballistix binds to the surface chemically. 

Benefits of using BallistiX

  • Maintenance frequency is less
  • Flow rates are improved, reduced paraffin buildup, reduced downtime on infrastructure
  • cleaning times can be cut by as much as 50%,
  • reduced need for cleaning supplies, and
  • machines run more efficiently resulting in lower utility costs.

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