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BallistiX: Ultimate Interior Exterior Protective Sealer

BallistiX is a new clear Silicone-Ceramic-Silane-Hybrid coating offering incredible performance unlike anything currently available, but at a competitive price and with easy installation. Outperforms urethanes, epoxies, polyaspartics and novolac coatings. BallistiX is a clear coating that can be applied to bare concrete, polished concrete, epoxy, terrazzo, urethanes, metallic epoxy, marble, stone, tile VCT, laminates, and virtually any surface. Ideal for epoxy and marble countertops and coated floors. Ballistix is now avaialable in original three-part formula, and newer easy-to-apply single and dual component formulations.

BallistiX CounterAttack Epoxy Countertop Application

BallistiX Installation Video

ArmorPoxy BallistiX Training Event