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As the country’s leading provider of machine shop epoxy floor coatings, we will work with you to identify and install the machine shop flooring that is appropriate for your facility at an affordable price. Our superior machine shop flooring solutions are equipped to handle even the toughest environments: automotive parts and engine manufacturing, repair and fabricating facilities, heavy equipment production, industrial research facilities, and many other manufacturing businesses. In these environments, they stand against everyday grease and grime, metal shavings, harsh oils, and fluids, dropped parts and tools, in addition to other day-to-day abuse they might endure. Our machine shop floor coatings are renowned for their ability to hold up over time while maintaining a polished and clean appearance.

Heavy Duty Machine Shop Flooring from ArmorPoxy!

When selecting machine shop flooring, it is crucial to take into account the unique needs of your particular workspace. Machine shop floors are impacted by a variety of factors: the type of machinery it comes into contact with, its overall age and current condition, chemicals, and lubricants that have been spilled at workstations, and much more. All of this must be factored in while making a machine shop floor coating decision. ArmorPoxy knows this and has the solution for your machine shop that will both repair and protect against future damage.

We are not only concerned with helping you maintain a clean and aesthetically appealing workspace, but we also know the importance of preventing cracks in your flooring that pose a serious risk to employees. Our machine shop floor coating is engineered with slip-resistant properties to keep workers safe in a hazardous environment. Further, they are easy to clean and maintain, keeping your machine shop running efficiently and profitably.

All of our machine shop floor coatings are available in a variety of colors for you to choose from and are available in the form of our “Job on a Pallet” kit, which allows for fast and easy self-installation. Each kit comes with everything you’ll need to properly install your machine shop flooring, including easy -to-follow instructions, prep/etching solution, industrial rollers and frames, mixers, mixing buckets, and non-skid additives.

ArmorPoxy offers a full array of OSHA approved safety colors for delineating work areas, line striping and marking off safe and work areas. By taking the time to invest in quality machine shop floor coating from ArmorPoxy, you are preventing future interruptions to workflow due to flooring repairs or accidents caused by low-grade flooring. Contact ArmorPoxy today to discuss our available machine shop flooring systems.

Job on a Pallet Kits for Machine Shops

ArmorPoxy offers all of their machine shop coating systems in easy to apply ‘Job on a Pallet’ kit form to make your project fast and easy. Our kits include virtually anything you need to prepare, mix and apply your ArmorPoxy hangar coating to your floor. Kits include prep/etching solution, coatings, non-skid additives, mixers, rollers, frames, mixing buckets, spiked shoes (for walking on wet epoxy) and complete, easy to follow instructions.

Job on a Pallet Kits

ArmorPoxy II Machine Shop System

ArmorPoxy II is our most popular and cost effective commercial epoxy floor coating. ArmorPoxy II Epoxy Floor Coatings have been installed extensively by large scale machine shops. ArmorPoxy II Epoxy Floor Coating is USDA approved.

ArmorPoxy II

ArmorUltra Machine Shop System

ArmorUltra is our super high-performance 3-layer coating system that uses a 2 part epoxy primer, 2-part 100% solids high build epoxy coating and ArmorUltra 2 part military grade protective topcoat.  ArmorUltra Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating cures and dries to a rock hard finish.

AmorUltra Epoxy Floor Systems

BallistiX - 2 Layer - No Prep - Concrete Floor Seal Kit

ArmorPoxy’s floor seal kit is the perfect solution for any type of project that is looking to have an amazing polished concrete-like finish without having to hire professional floor polishers or use of grinders. BallistiX Complete Floor Seal kit includes an acrylic primer to prime the floor and BallistiX NCO (satin finish) or Squire (gloss finish) ultra-protective sealer.  Grinding is not required if your floor is smooth and undamaged.  Two layer system of acrylic sealer + BallistiX final coat.

BallistiX Concrete Floor Seal Kit

Before and After

Industrial Floor Coating Machine Shops 2

Technical support

We offer every client unlimited technical support and advice throughout the entire process of installing new machine shop flooring, from the design phase all the way through installation. We are excited to help you create the machine shop of your dreams! Contact us today to explore the options available to you.

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