Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

ArmorPoxy’s ArmorRoof Commercial Roof Coatings are the ideal, low-cost way to extend the life of your roof or to solve leakage problems. Easy to apply, no special skills are required. ArmorPoxy ArmorRoof Commercial Roof Coatings can coat any roof. This includes roofs with ponding water, industrial roofs, commercial roofs, asphalt and tar roofs, rubber roofs, metal and fiberglass roofs.

ArmorRoof Commercial Roof Coatings for Easy DIY Application

ArmorRoof Commercial Roof Coatings are engineered and manufactured from the highest quality liquid copolymer or silicone raw materials. Industrial-grade, industrial-strength all ArmorRoof Commercial and Industrial Roof Coatings will add significant life to your roof. In addition, by adding either a white or light colored coating to your roof, you may be able to achieve energy savings by reducing cooling costs up to 50%! See these two side-by-side temperature comparisons of a black, uncoated roof and the same roof with the ArmorRoof coating applied.

ArmorRoof Commercial Roof Coatings will not harden or crack and will stretch with building movement up to 100% without failure. Designed for many years of long life with field reports of over twenty years of additional extended roof life with the application of ArmorRoof.

ArmorRoof Commercial Roof Coatings will reflect over 90% of the UV and heat away from your building, paying for itself with reduced cooling costs. Easy to apply with just a roller and squeegees.

ArmorRoof is available in standard colors, and we can also manufacture custom colors (minimums apply/longer lead times) upon request. Contact our office for more information.


ArmorRoof 100% Silicone Roof Coating

Silcon is a unique SINGLE APPLICATION COAT roof coating for more demanding applications. Silcon can handle up to 2″ of ponding water without failure. While more expensive than our other roof coatings, the ease of a single application and the elimination of finding ‘clear weather’ to apply two coats, plus the labor savings make Silcon an outstanding choice for many applications. Ideal for most surfaces.

ArmorRoof #ARM814X

This ArmorRoof formulation is the most popular. It has an elastomeric liquid copolymer rubber based liquid that is formulated for excellent elongation, tensile strength and UV resistance, and exceptional weathering characteristics. This flexible membrane is resistant to ozone and has excellent low-temperature flexibility. Recommend and will adhere to wood, metal, EPDM, APP, TPO and Hypalon.

Please Note: ArmorRoof can be used on Asphalt based roof systems, but you may experience slight ‘bleed-through’ of the tar through the ArmorRoof. More noticeable with lighter colors. This is a cosmetic issue and will not affect performance. Non-tar based roof systems will not bleed through. ArmorRoof, roof coating solutions are also available with embedded rubber granules for roofs with foot traffic (coverage is less per gallon due to much heavier thickness). The version w/ the rubber granules must be troweled on or rolled on with slight thinning. Call or email for more details. 10-year warranty (2 coats). Available in a variety of colors, and packed in 2.5 gal, 5 gal and 50 gal drums. Not suitable for ponding water problems.

ArmorRoof Acrylic #ARM811X & ARM812X

This version of ArmorRoof is used on metal pitched roofs and foam sprayed roofs. Acrylic, low odor formulation. Energy Star rated for energy savings and Factory Mutual fire rated (ARM811X). 65% solids. Maximum warranty 10 years (2 coats). This roof coating is available in white, beige or other colors. Call or email for pricing and ordering.

ArmorRoof Clear Acrylic #ARM813X

A clear version used on skylights and windows for water sealing leakage. This roof coating can be applied with a brush or roller. 55% solids acrylic formulation. Call or email for pricing and ordering. 5-year warranty.


All of our Roofing products have matching mastics for pre-treatment of larger holes or gaps (nylon webbing may be required) and to seal a/c units, fans, pipes, skylights, etc.

Please Note: Liquid coatings are designed to resurface and extend the life of existing roofs. If the surface has serious, large holes, gaps or leaks, then preliminary repairs may be required as no liquid coating can ‘fix’ seriously degraded roofs. ArmorRoof will stop and seal small pinhole leaks and minor gaps and such, but larger openings from sheet metal, curbs, fans and such should be repaired with our matching mastic prior to coating to assure maximum water resistance.

Matching Mastic

Technical support

We offer every client unlimited technical support and advice throughout the entire process of your roof coating installation, from the design phase all the way through the completion of your product. We are excited to help you create the roof of your dreams! Contact us today to explore the options available to you.

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