Epoxy your Garage and Basement with Armor Clad Kits

Epoxy your Garage and Basement with Armor Clad Kits

Home renovation is never an easy task. It requires planning and dedication, especially renovating the basement and garage. Thus, many people are leaning towards epoxy flooring. Epoxy is a simple way to not only upgrade your floor but also contribute to its overall appearance. The epoxy floor has a unique touch look that transforms the garage and basement into a luxury and upgraded finishing floor. It gives your garage and basement a shining and refreshingly professional look.

The popularity of Epoxy Flooring 

The application of Epoxy in commercial and residential construction is growing and booming. Its popularity has gained extra attention in residential homes due to its functional benefits and high-quality flooring. Given the popularity of epoxy in the modern residential sector, many epoxy installation services are available. These services get the epoxy installation done in hours. However, sealing a garage or basement floor with epoxy is not a simple task. It requires the right kind of tools and specific proportional products for preparing and making the floor perfect for epoxy. The optimal outcome is only ensured with the right kind of product, and ArmorClad Kits are the best product for epoxy flooring in the residential sector.

ArmorClad Garage & Basement Kits

ArmorClad Epoxy Floor kits are the simplest and most effective products to seal the garage and basement with epoxy. The installation of ArmorClad brings a unique touch to the floor and is incredibly strong on the surface. Its application withstands surface durability, and because it’s the right kind of product proportions, the floor coating is uniform and appealing. ArmorClad has other added features that help it stand out among the other products.

1: Non-porous & Seamless

The most prominent feature of the ArmorClad kit is that it is non-porous and seamless on the surface. Its application on the cement surface takes the risk off the table, making your floor seamless. Water, direct sunlight, paint, or any other cleaning substance cannot penetrate the floor.

2: Chemical Resistance

With time, cement tends to wavier off. However, an epoxy solution for the garage and basement is the best solution to keep the floor safe from chemical influence. ArmorClad kit has high resistance to chemical products. It has strong durability to protect the appearance and aesthetic of the floor. Its installation in the garage and basement has resistant properties, and it is not affected by leaks or chemicals.

3: Non-Slip Installation

ArmorClad is non-slippery. It is fully safety-proof and non-dangerous. The garage and basement floors require safety, especially in the winter when ice forms on the floor and makes it slippery. To avoid any injury or dangerous risk of slippers, the permanent solution to this issue is ArmorClad Kit. It has quick-fix alternatives for dangerously slippery floors, and through its installation, the surface becomes safe for walking.

4: Lighting Reflective

Another great feature of ArmorClad Kit is that it is light reflective. It may seem very odd to consider, but the garage and basement are darker areas of the house. Both of these areas require appealing light sources. The high-gloss finish required by the ArmorClad Epoxy kit reflects the light at a 60-degree angle, making the room brighter and more appealing. It adds a vital source of light and creates the impression of a reflective, shiny floor.    

5: Decorative 

An epoxy floor not only has amazing chemical and water resistance properties. It is also an alternative way for home décor. ArmorClad kits come in many different colors. The variety allows epoxy installations to be more beautiful with different combinations and mixtures. A basement or garage floor can be customized as per the customer’s needs and requirements.

Final thoughts:

Epoxy is becoming popular in the residential sector for many reasons. It has attracted the attention of many residents due to its reliability, durability, and décor appeal. ArmorClad kit installation in the garage and basement floor is not only simple, but also low-maintenance. It is the finest epoxy floor coating system available on the market. Its installation on the floor is not only professional but also aesthetic.

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