Fast Set Epoxy Patch Kit - 1 & 2 Gal

  • Super fast 3-component epoxy patch kit
  • Fill cracks, holes, spalling, any other concrete irregularities
  • Foot traffic 15-20 minutes, heavy equipment 1 hour
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$129.00 - $169.00

Product Details

The ArmorPoxy Fast Set Epoxy Patch Kit is a 3-component kit of special, fast-curing A & B resin and aggregate. All three components get mixed together to form a ‘mortar’ that gets applied to fill cracks, holes, spalling, fissures, and any other concrete irregularity.

Can be walked on in less than 30 minutes, and can handle forklift traffic in only one hour! Once cured, can be grinded if needed. Ideal for ramps and walkways, public areas and sidewalks where downtime is critical. Super hard, 4,400 psi compressive strength. Kit will cure down to 20 deg F (longer cure time applies in lower temps).

Kit comes in 2 sizes, one gallon (1/2 pint each of Resin A & B, 6.5 lbs aggregate) and 2 gallon size (one-pint each of A & B, and 12.5 lbs aggregate).

Coverage will vary depending on how much aggregate is used. If filling a few small holes or or cracks 1 Gal should be sufficient. If filling areas that are spalled or extremely irregular multiple gallons may be needed.



Container Size

1 Gal, 2 Gal


Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor / Outdoor

Commercial / Residential

Commercial / Residential

Product Contents

3-component kit fast curing A & B resin and aggregate

Dry To Touch Time

15-20 minutes

Vehicle Ready Time

1-2 hours

DIY Friendly


Resists Cracking


Substrate/Surface Material


Additional Info


This product will harden in only 4-5 minutes, so make sure to be working quickly as soon as you mix the A and B resin.

This kit is available in both 1-gallon and 2-gallon sizes.

The fast Set Epoxy patch kit can be walked on in 30 minutes and can handle forklift traffic in only an hour. Once cured, product can be diamond grinded if needed.


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