Metallic Epoxy

ArmorPoxy offers a unique metallic epoxy that will allow you to take your floor design to the next level! ArmorTallic is the ‘metallic’ version of our 100% solids ArmorUltra high performance epoxy. Normally installed as a 3-layer system of epoxy primer, epoxy with metallic pigment additive, and clear protective topcoat. Create three-dimensional surfaces or the look of wrapped marble! Easy to apply and endless options for colors and patterns. Ideal for countertops and floors.

ArmorTallic Epoxy System

ArmorTallic is the shimmery ‘metallic’ version of our 100% solids ArmorUltra high performance epoxy. Metallic type floors are created by mixing fine metallic pigments of your color choice into clear 100% solids epoxy. When applied to a contrasting epoxy-primed floor, the metallic coating creates a pearlescent effect with a ‘3D’ look!

The process to install is easy and fun! Create millions of color combinations by mixing different metallic colors. Our complete ArmorTallic kits contain everything you need to achieve outstanding results. Even more varied color combos can be achieved by purchasing a smaller amount of clear epoxy and metallic pigment to create ‘ribbons’ of color on your floor (contact us for details).

Installation is easy…prep your floor first, then make any repairs if needed (we carry a full line of floor repair products). Next, apply our ArmorUltra 2 part epoxy primer (normally in black color for proper contrast). Once the primer is cured, you apply the metallic-pigmented 100% solids clear epoxy and swirl it around with a squeegee or roller to create your design. Spraying of denatured alcohol or acetone from a hand sprayer onto the wet metallic epoxy also creates amazing patterns and designs! No two metallic floors will ever look the same. Finally, topcoat with our ArmorUltra 2-part military grade topcoat, or with one of our fast-curing polyaspartic topcoats for floor protection. Please note that use of a non-skid additive, which is often used in garage applications, will somewhat degloss the finish.

ArmorTallic is only limited by your imagination, and you can use more than one metallic color at a time to create amazing and creative floor surfaces.

Please contact us for package pricing for complete metallic kits for your basement, garage, offices, and more! Discounts are available on larger projects.

Armortallic 600 Sq ft Complete Kit

Amortallic Color Chart

Check out the different colors and designs possible with Armortallic!

Armortallic Color Chart

Technical support

We offer every client unlimited technical support and advice throughout the entire process of installing metallic flooring, from the design phase all the way through installation. We are excited to help you create the floor of your dreams! Contact us today to explore the options available to you.

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